Sovereign Biome Descriptions?

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Does anyone have sovereign biome descriptions that would help in the selection process?

(I love Melancholia, but I got one of the 6km planets, and it’s just too big. I jumped the gun a little and didn’t take into account the monthly cost, etc. So, I am going to make a smaller planet. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down what biomes I chose. It’s back to the drawing board for me!!! Any descriptions would help with the selection process.)

I have some info on what materials are in which biomes here:

There is also this thread with different pictures of the biomes, which I find helps a lot:

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I think that’s a lot of work & should be provided by Wonderstruck.
They should also provide larger screenshots of the biomes.

The way the biomes are generated is slightly different everytime. ie: So while the “Gleam Lake” biome is suppose to generate with water and gleam spheres, it sometimes generates with no spheres at all - depending upon your other choices. Same with all of the other biomes.


@Rydralain This Colors and Their Biomes list is great! I’ve also found the Biome Preview guide very helpful.

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@majorvex I’ve noticed some strange merges on my planets. I wish I knew what merged with what for some of them.


Seeing the ways the biomes merge has been one of the most interesting things with my rental experiments. :slight_smile:

Gleam Lake seems to be able to merge into a number of biomes that go higher up. Some merges I know for sure-

Sky Pattern - Creates big vertical walls of gleam, but they’re broken up a bit usually, and sometimes encased in thorns.
Island Trees - Good results here, get some nice farming areas where it covers the top of the canopy then merges into a solid ball sometimes.
Floating Shrapnel - Gets the largest areas of gleam I’ve seen, though not really a deep layer.
Alien Invasion - Gets layers of gleam in the “spaceships” but be careful with this biome, seems to get a really nasty surface biome along with it, tons of twisted trunks covering the ground (though this one MIGHT work well for rubies, I need to test that).

Some general biome notes-

Coral Sea - This is the one that gives clumps of gleam in the ocean. Really pretty though not good for farming. But a nice choice for looks on your world.

Island Trees - Though not good for any gems, one of the most useful farming biomes I’ve found. Tons of trumpet roots and glow caps (edit, at least for T5+), and obviously the lustrous wood.

Trench - AVOID!! Unless you’re going for an underground lava cavern lair, maybe for that it would be useful, otherwise, this can totally ruin a lot of your planet for mining and create deathtraps everywhere.

Stone Ball - This creates some great topaz farming spots. Pretty one, too. If you get a Shock T6, take this for lv 8.

Giant Slice - Will give some nice building land on a higher tier world. :slight_smile:

Haha, almost tempted to do a Build Archetype thread in a month or so, once I get an even better feel for these. Do screenshots of biome selections and what they can produce, what they’re good for.


(@bucfanpaka - I was kinda hoping you might contribute to this post! Thank you!)

Do you think the Island Tree biome would spawn glow caps on a t4 world? or is that t5 and up?

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Good question, I think it does have to be at least a T5 there for them, I don’t remember seeing any glowcaps on T4’s? Someone else might be able to confirm that one. Not sure about Trumpet Roots either (my experiments aside from a few lower-level lush worlds have been T6s, in order to max gem counts). Edited that post to reflect that.

And thanks!! :smiley: Might edit to add some more notes later.

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Does anyone have experience with the Maze or Layered Mushroom Swamp? Is Maze actually a maze? Are there mushrooms in the mushroom swamp?

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Thanks for the tips! Hoping to make a planet that looks nice and is a relatively earth-like planet good for building.


Coordinates to the same biome on an existing world would be great. Then you could stand inside the biome and see if you like that style.


No glow caps on T4


A few other higher-tier biomes that are pretty and a bit more Earth-like/natural looking and decent for building - :slight_smile:

Tiny Islands, Bushy Hills, Beaches, Kong Island, maybe Flat Top too (gives some good areas high and low, might be nice for a higher build with a view too).

@PrincessMaude - Thanks! :smiley:


@jaimepoutine I’ve been trying to save the biomes that I recognize. It’s a little tricky with how some of them have merged… not exactly obvious.