Tech Components/ Better metals


Ive hit bedrock in three different areas and still not found anything but fossils, copper, and ancient remnants.

I dont know if the area im in is bad for literally all other things. But im very curious.

I read through a good dozen threads about this but dont understand what 4+ and random quantities mean. Ive heard, bottom of mountains, top of mountains, through mountains. Not sure. Need help. Cant find anything else.


What planet level are you looking on?


under “places” in the character menu go to the world tab and click on your planet. then go to resources to see what you can find there. then make an atlas, put a piece of whatever you’re looking for into it then follow it.


I use this website to know what elevation things are found at.

hope this helps!


Per the knowledge tab:

World level 3 and up
Attitude mid
Under areas of moderate elevation

So go to a world tier 3 or higher planet and look in areas of elevation higher than then normal water level (usually something like 60 altitude) under larger hills or mountains (elevations of 80+).

I find most of mine between elevations of 90-120.


No idea. Tell me how to look and ill get back to you when i want to play the game again.


If i cant find it. An atlas is useless.

As for the website. maybe?


taake the ultima portal to cephonex merika then head north, I think. To the big pink glacier.

Stay high for components, they’re thick around the depth where the glacier meets the rock.

Precious alloys are deeper, get into 30 - 50 or so for that.

Get an atlas if you don’t have one (blank is fine) and when you find a piece, you can start to narrow it down.


How do i know the elevation im currently at?


I do not know what any of this means. Thank you?


press"P" (not sure the PS4 button) for your places list and look at your current coordinates

EDIT: OK let’s meet up where are you at?


Im not going to continue tonight.

I wore myself off the game looking for this material deep and anywhere else. Nothing. So im done for now. Im on Pc.
I know how to mark locations. But i dont know how much that helps?


At the top of the list where you save a location it tells you your current position. This includes your elevation it’s the third coordinate.

An atlas is a tool that you can use to map a world, and once you have mapped a portion of the world you can use it to find the locations of many resources. They’re easy to get or craft I can give you one to get started.

The rest of that was specific directions to a location where tech components are plentiful and precious metals (gold and silver) are nearby. There may be some titanium on cephonex merika as well but I’m not sure.


Of course you will have to be on the correct tier planet to find the resources. I.E gem ores are t5+ titanium is t4+. I believe the knowledge tab says the tier planets they can be found on. I’m at work right now so I cant verify that. Next time your on shoot me a message and I can help you find good locations. Give you and atlas etc.

In the places tab you can find your altitude in the section where you go to save locations in your places tab.


the reply i gave you earlier was all you needed


Sorry I didn’t explain things very well last night. Lest try this again with a few screen shots to hopefully make it a bit more clear to understand.

Altitude can be seen on the locations tab under places. Your current location will have your altitude shown at the end in ().


World level is a bit harder to understand. The numbers of world tier don’t show up when looking at the planet anymore. You’ll see things such as placid, temperate, rugged, inhospitable, etc…


World tier 3 is rugged, which has the tech components on it.


Please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to clarify for you.


Go to this link and look at where to find resources.

Also drop 1 of the resource you are looking for on your atlas and it will show a heatmap of thst resource in the world.


This site will help out with navigating and learning about the worlds quite a bit. You can see where you are and plan where you want to go.

What planet are you on now? For anything more than iron, you need to go to a lv 3 or higher, you can find iron on 1s but it is pretty rare.

First thing you want to do right now probably is head to your world’s capital. It will be a yellow box on your compass. You are very likely to find a portal network there. This is what you’ll want to travel to other worlds, and are very useful locations to save. But keep an eye out for any purple square on your compass - that is a portal, and you can find very useful ones even out in the middle of nowhere sometimes. You may want to put your base near to a portal network, as this will save you some coin warping to them or time hiking. Keep an eye out for ones labeled Ultima, TNT, and Portal Seekers, as these will get you to major networks.


Not helpful.


Dont have any of the items im looking for. No help. Thanks though?


Good to know what the capital is. That helps a bit. My home is probably nowhere near that ■■■■.

I have no clue what planet. Think its called “Alder?”


Okay so I now know that my planet does not have either one of these things i need pretty much. Does have iron but a 3.9%
As for tech Components. 0.0% nothing. That means i will need to travel to another planet. I might need someones help for that