Top lvl post testing 249?

Just in-case monumental go through with the update at some point I was wondering what LVL you would have to be currently to get a full skill page on the testing update, I thought it was 700, but someone on the four recently said 1400. anyone know?

So maybe I just don’t know how the new update will work. But I just recently hit level 200 on my character and I’m pretty sure I already have enough skill points for an entire page to be filled out.

Are they removing skill points in relation to your total exp vs the new update exp? Or are they making skills require more points?

they are making it cost more exp per level post lvl 50, so the amount of experieince needed is more than just the levels to fill up all the skill points.

IDK the numbers otherwise i would work it out, will have a-look if i can find again.

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Yeah that makes sense. I think what I’m asking is… are they going to remove the skill points I have already earned for my character? Or grinding out enough skill points before the update should not need me to get to such a high level to fill out a page?

after the update, at lvl 50 you will have 100skill points in every skill page. anything past that will add more. still looking for numbers

If you was old level 854 and 2/3 you are new level 180 and if you was one off the rare level 1000 player you are new Level 191

in short
250 => 124
500 => 149
854,6 => 180
1000 => 191

180 is the new top level.

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They’re not actively planning to do any of this at best it’s “not a high priority” so don’t spend too much time stressing it :smiley:

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? It was literally the next update, no? XD It seemed like it was almost finished before the team went MIA… I assumed the new team would want to try and get that pushed out eventually. Once they’re in a position to do so.

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Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. :frowning: I was really, really looking forward to being able to have more than 100 skill points on a page. I hope it happens one day…


It was, yes.

It was, it’s live on Test still.

I did too, for a minute. When prompted Monty stated directly that this is not the goal for them.

There were a lot of changes to balance and they may or may not suit the direction in which Monumental decides to go.

Well. Dang.

Hopefully their vision is somewhat aligned with the community’s. Guess we’ll see where things go…

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This was going to be (Was actually??) looking to be a big breaking point between the community of the time and Wonderstruck.

Much needed IMO but also opinions varied widely.

For reference a CHF today is about 1.09 USD if you have a look at that chart.

James did say, roughly, something to the effect that they weren’t going to take anything earned (cubits/plots/skill/cleanse points) from existing characters but levels would be adjusted to the new curve according to existing XP and progression would go from there.

It was going to be a lot of change.

To be fair though, that aspect would perhaps align well with Monumental’s needs :thinking:


I just want to add while I’m thinking about it (sorry I’m very sleepy right now) that the gameplay/feature changes can be looked at separately from the progression rebalancing.

All of the new in-game features were, IMO, very desirable.

The progression changes were not as welcome, however if things had been like that from the beginning the game might be in a very different place today.

In any case for those who are used to the very giving nature of the current game it was going to be a rough transition.


Monumental want to work on new player experience and the new skill system could be part of it as it allows easier gameplay.

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I’m patiently waiting for the update but I’m only looking forward to new weapons. But the whole xp just seems very confusing honestly should just be scrapped and just keep the having all the skills one page and basically have max skill points 999 easy. Grinding for xp is fun to for a bit but then it gets really repetitive yeah it’s a mmo you gotta do it but when it becomes a chore to do definitely doesn’t make the game fun anymore when your consistently worrying about when or how I’m going to get xp.

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well having all the skills and mastery at 1 toon will be cool, im often forgetting to change skill page going to mine gleam, hit the first block and "damn why it didnt break? do i have wrong tier hammers? did i… damn, skill page :smiley: