Unofficial Creative worlds to download

Flat worlds a bit boring for you? Here are 3 new Lush worlds to experiment with:

  1. a Level 1 world using the lush_world_profile_tier_0 profile.
  2. a Level 2 world using the lush_world_profile_tier_1 profile.
  3. a Level 3 world using the lush_world_profile_tier_2 profile.


  1. Download and unzip a world.
  2. Start Boundless.
  3. Open the Creative debugging UI.
  4. Start Discovery Server.
  5. Create a new world with the correct profile for the world shown above.
  6. Start the new creative world.
  7. Stop the new creative world.
  8. Open Windows Explorer and copy the contents of the downloaded zip over the world likely found in a folder called: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Boundless\server\creativeworlds\ID_OF_THE_WORLD_YOU_JUST_CREATED. Overwrite any duplicate files.
  9. Start the creative world again.
  10. Swap to Creative.
  11. Then you should see the new world in the Sanctum or in the sky of your other creative worlds - depending on how you set it up.

This is a temporary MacGyver solution (1985 obv.) for today.

(They’re unofficial - because there is no promise or commitment that these worlds will continue working in the future.)


Please let me know if you get it running.



And thanks for these, they were indeed a tad boring :slight_smile:

Jandi III up and running!


@james I was able to get all three planets up.

Beta Virgo, Jandi III and Gagar all ran simultaneously. I also was able to create portals to each planet and the f9 and fly commands worked on all planets.


And the other 2 as well!


Cool!!! thanks @james

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I also successfully started the 3 :boundless: Testworlds on Creative
Thanks, @james :+1:


Duct tape… Check.
Paperclip… Check.
WD-40… Check.
Planet zip files… Check.

It looks like we’ve got everything we need for the job here.


Thank you. This is the best Christmas present you’ve ever gotten for me this year.


… OK, I officially managed to break the thing.

Got Jandi III up and running, but then went to install the second one and had some corrupted files from a bad download. Couldn’t get the second or third going at all, tried various attempts to delete them, reinstall them, delete and reinstall the entire game… Long story short, I think I’m on like “id14” now and can’t even get the first world to come back online.

Is there a way to completely restart this process? I know it worked once with the good files, but… It seems to be keeping tabs on my multiple failed attempts to fix the broken planet even despite a reinstall, and I don’t know if these 50 planet ID’s are having an impact on whether or not it can find the Creative Mode worlds anymore.

Or am I just gonna be playing in the literal sandbox until a more formal solution is put into place?

You can reset your creative universe by deleting the following folders:

  1. Delete .../boundless/discovery/creativedb to reset the universe + characters.
  2. Delete .../boundless/server/creativeworlds to remove your worlds.

You spelt Gengar wrong.


Is there no way yet to MacGyver our worlds from the World Builder into the server file configs? I tried to overwrite the config but that was not the way. It seems like there is still a step where the World Builder packs the .json and dat files into a kit to be read. Am I just jumping the gun here?


Yes, it would be super nice if we could have a copy from a our home planet from Live on Creative :boundless:


That would be amazing, lol. Heck, then we can also go to Creative Mode on Testing and see for ourselves how our beacons react to the new system.

So it works wonders to mess about in Creative Mode AND a copy of our home world would be handy for Testing, not just for now, but have mentioned before if I had my own workshop on Testing I could much more easily test things…


i am absolutely thrilled to be playing on what is like a singleplayer Boundless!

Tho I am struggling to resist dipping into creative for some things, since I have made them in the live servers, the grind to get machines and what nots once again is tempting me to cheat in stuff.

I think it would be awesome to have options to untick the ability to get into creative, per character (I would set aside one of my 10 to play with creative, the other 9 to not access it.

The superflat is awesome too! I can make any color block there to go into and harvest, kinda like my own personal mining dimention, and then go back to the pregen (I’m using jandi III) for my base building (which is limited in block colors). Delete it, then make it a different color.

Helooooo Black Gleam superflat!

Oh how thrilling this is for me, running very smoothly on my PC! And the superfast speed of flight is very cool… I’m flying!


When you access Creative you have to make a brand new character.
This character stays aparts from your Live-ones.
It is not accessible from the Live Universe and vice versa.
So you cannot bring items from Creative to Live. :smiley:
There is no grind on Creative … just use the F9=key :+1: