Ya know… there was an update! (Kind of)

I saw this when it came out and @james posted it.

While this was not the update we have all been waiting for, I saw little to no mention of it from any of the doomsayers and just wanted to point out the fact that the game is still being maintained and worked on.

I do understand that doesn’t tell anything about the future of the game, but I for one am glad to see activity.

Big shout to @james for the work …regardless … and hope to see more soon.


I’d hazard a guess that they don’t feel the need to say anything. I wouldn’t class this as an update, I’d label it as was a hotfix to something that was broken (my understanding was that the only reason for delay between coding and deployment was that it had to pass through the PS approval process).

Many of the entirely reasonable people who you refer to as doomsayers aren’t suggesting the game is totally done and finished with, they’re saying they believe that the game is on life support. That falls entirely in line with the game receiving fixes to breaking issues with no further updates or communication. OR, it is as you suggest, and it’s a sign that more is happening.

Or perhaps they’re just bored of being told not to have negative opinions, or being chastised for holding them? Who can really say? I’d agree with you though, this doesn’t tell us anything about the future of the game sadly, but it would be nice to believe it still has a planned and expanding future.


what update was there?

there was this bug fix…did I miss something else?

Bug fixes:

  • Fix incorrect unpacking of strings where dataviews are above 64k in size. This has been causing client crashes for large guilds.

The game is in maintenance mode (which is perfectly okay). There is zero evidence to indicate that it is still actively being worked on. Release 249 has been in limbo since March with “once we have resolved the path for generating vs downloading worlds”.

Every post from the devs (James/Blake) has been in response to maintenance type issue. Things preventing players from playing the game, refunds for accidently purchases, etc. Even the new patch was a maintenance/bugfix patch in response to PS players not being able to play the game.

The community for this game is great and this game has a lot of great potential, but without official developer communication about the state of this game in regards to “Larian Guildford”, people should not get their hopes up. The lack of official statement on the state of the game in regards to future projects is what is not okay.


Honestly it was a big deal for the PS4 players but thats about it. Hotfit at best which should be expected for a company to address.

Now lets wait for lance/spear/craftable armor/titans/Lurker/Ground Pounder/Rock tossing things…

I think I will just accept the fact that the Digital Art Book**,** Developer World access**, and other Early backer items as advertised just will not come to fruition.

Please phrase opinions as opinions, not facts. As in, “I really believe that the game is in maintenance mode.”

There was, the communication was “this does not affect anything Boundless”. The truth in that statement is certainly questionable, but claiming that there was nothing is disingenuous. There is enough actual evidence of the game being in maintenance mode that there is no need to stretch the truth.

Activity is activity.

I always felt the saying that this game or any game “being on life support” is always subjective on one’s view of what “life support” entails. To me, I think Boundless just never had a HUGE community… and I mean huge as in total numbers.

I have gone back and looked at the Steam numbers (I know it doesn’t represent a full count and could be a little misleading) and it is odd and a little disheartening to see the numbers. It does however allow you to see trends and things with the rough numbers.

So with the numbers provided from Steam Charts, peak for player count was in Feb 2019 and that was a peak of 1150 players … that was a huge jump from January 2019 with 293 players and the month after that peak it dropped to 354.
Currently as of 10:39 EST Steam Charts states there are 47 people online and the past 24 hour peak of 77. In the last 30 days, it says 107 peak players…if you rank the months for Boundless this month would rank better than nearly 40 other months …

Like I said I think it’s all on your point-of-view and how you feel the game is in its current state. I think newer players like myself probably have a totally different perspective on the game.

That’s not saying game is done or not and I am not sure what would breathe life into it and make it big, but I have always said I don’t think it’s going to be an update or all of the missing things the devs had promised would be in it… I think it is really just a matter of cost/advertising/learning curve etc. It is also not really Twitch-friendly in the sense that the game isn’t fun to watch … and it really isn’t fun to stream.

Twitch has such a bearing on how popular a game is … it’s such a great avenue for game marketing. It’s also pretty sad. Take a game like Among Us… very fun game … with friends and very Twitch-friendly when you have 10 streamers playing it on voice it can just be fun to watch and listen to.

Anyways, way off topic here… and maybe I’ll make a new post analyzing things more.

Honestly i think almost everyone has been flying by their opinions like I said to @DutchOfSorissi it’s like the Jedi and the Sith neither providing balance only more battling so while the Jedi have a misguided view they are balanced the Sith while negative also think they are right. Atleast this is my view


And here we go. See, Ryd, those ARE facts to 90% of the people on this forum. The game is 100% in maintenance mode. It’s only you and a select few others who can’t see that. This isn’t stretching the truth. This is a fact.


It is a fact. The facts as they stand are that Turbulenz has been restructured into Larian Guildford and that Boundless is no longer being actively developed for (“maintenance mode”).

Fact 1: Every single post from Wonderstruck employees can be seen here on the forums.


Fact 2: There has been zero traction on the feature update 249 since March 14th:

Fact 3: Larian Studios now has a Guildford location:

Face 4: Here is a video where James says they are now running Larian Guildford

Or maybe you want third party confirmations:

Where was statement? Are you talking about the outdated post before Larian Guildford where Wonderstruck helped Larian get BG3 to EA? That was before Larian Guildford was formed. There has been zero news on the Boundless forums about the state of Wonderstuck and Boundless in regards to the acquisition fo the studio under Larian studios.

Let me clarify my statement as well: “maintenance mode” does not mean it is “on life support” or “in danger of being abandoned”, it means just that “maintenance”: fix major issues, support players, but zero new features. As long as the game is providing profit, it is not going anywhere. It also does not mean the game is unable to come out of maintenance mode. But you and many other players in the community going around and acting like release 249 is going to coming to live over night or something is sowing false hope for players. Release 249 may never come out. It may come out in 2 week or 2 months. But there is zero reason to believe it will come out without an official statement regrading the state of Wonderstruck/Turbulenz in regrads to Larian and the state of Boundless.

Also, I will admit part of me is hoping this post is enough for force the devs to drop 249 just to prove me wrong


To Angelllus’ point, the game can certainly come out of maintenance mode at any time but there is zero reason to believe this is going to happen any time soon unless we get some official word from @james on this.

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Like I said opinionated it is not factual until they state it ect ect so both of the parties here as in @Rydralain @Dhusk mainly are working on opinions base on some facts but has yet to prove their cases to be factual

@Angellus while there was no official statement on the forums I was told by James that there was work being done in an effort to get 249 from Test to Live …

I know this doesn’t express a when… but it does express efforts to make it happen.

I can’t say I see any facts as far as a maintenance mode goes, I do see facts as to companies, structures and priorities changing … as you stated @Angellus but speculating on the games future without any official word from anyone is just that… speculation.

This was posted immediately after the announcement that Turbulenz became Larian Guildford:

I don’t remember a survey on that specifically, but the closest surveys to asking about that had much lower numbers on that side of things, and certainly nothing approaching a consensus.

If you can’t tell the difference between the factual evidence you provided and the opinion of what those facts mean, I don’t think I have anything else to say to you on this subject.

I do think that development has scaled back, and my opinion on the subject is that Boundless has been downgraded to “hobby side project” for a handful of devs. There have been basically no dev posts during business hours since the Larian announcement. I would bet you can use James’ post times to see when he’s working late/what days he gets off early at Larian, but that is all conjecture and opinion.

As I previously said :


I’m really terrible at communicating it. Like. Horrifically bad. But this is what I have been desperately trying to say for a very long time.

@Rydralain and @Angellus

Just play the game or don’t it’s pretty much that simple. If you enjoy it… great if you don’t move on.

I like all the input you both give and enjoy a healthy discussion, but there are only so many times you can go back and forth on this to where the conversation just becomes unproductive. You both have valid points, you both have different points of view … but really it just boils down to if you have fun play the game… if you don’t and just don’t have your heart in it… don’t play.

Maintenance mode… life support … whatever … I love the game and I make it fun … just wish there were more people to make fun with :slight_smile:


The important thing is that neither side is fully right or wrong. Both sides have good points. I’m on the wrongly-named “Doomsayer” side, and we have concrete evidence that show we’re not wrong. But they are not enough to claim the game is abandonned or in Maintenance Mode, or anything to the other side.

Remind me who created this very thread? Yeah, it was you. Don’t tell me you weren’t expecting it to go this way when you opened by calling us “Doomsayers” and such…


That is a fine opinion to have, but anyone that produces a product that people pay for needs to have critical analysis of “how it is going”. On both sides.

I do not really really play the game any more. Just log in to get Exoworld scans. but I keep paying for my GC and Sovereigns because I want to see the game do well. That does not mean I need to agree with the everything that goes on in the community and not be critical of the mistakes I see.

The lack of a predictable communication about the state of the game is first and foremost the largest issue with this game based on all of my experience with all of the other games I have played. Which ones have done well, which ones felt “good” to play, which ones felt bad, etc.

The perpetual indeterminate future of this game is the biggest thing that drives off players. I have been around since the game first hit Stream, right after the name change from Oort Online. That is easily the biggest thing I have seen drive players away. I am not saying the community communication like Bungie does for Destiny. Or Rare does for Sea of Thieves, but it needs to be predictable to solve the uncertain future issue. That fact there has not been an official statement about the game in regards to Larian Guildford is a big issue.

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Back in 2015/2016 I supported this game prior to the Steam Release. Back in those days, we were told if we paid $250 USD that we would receive the following features.
Items in the green box were received, Items in the Red Box are not received.

What about the Lance?
What about the Titans?
What about the Craftable armor?
What about the Digital Art book for early access supporters?
What about the Developers world access for early access supporters?
What about the Cave dwelling nightmarish creature?
What about the Ground pounders and rock tossing creatures?

I am still waiting for those features :slight_smile: