Will worlds ever reset? When and how?

I have a question for the developers. Are the worlds we are playing in now going to continue on to the fully live version of the game? Or are they going to be reset?

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This has been discussed a bit and to my knowledge the answer is unclear. Many planned features for existing worlds are not yet inplemented, but it seems that the dev’s will able to seed these in retroactively. If a world can not be saved and needs to be regenerated, then many builds and beacons can be saved and placed in the new world. Realistically, I think some of the oldest world’s will have to be remade. That’s not such a bad thing though, a fresh start is an opportunity to do bigger, better things, right?


Yes and no. Sometimes you don’t want to rebuild something that took days.

Yeah I hear that. I have a handful of projects I’ve tended nearly two years now. But what I’ve seen durring my time here is that the dev’s do value community builds and do everything reasonably possible to preserve builds.

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Here’s what’s probably going to happen (although in all honesty we don’t know 100% until it needs to happen):

  • Current worlds (let’s call them pre-alpha) don’t have the final resources or the most sophisticated terrain generation, and there’s no simple way to add those in once they’re live. So at some point we need new ones.
  • At that point we’ll add some super new worlds with all resources (let’s call them alpha), cool generation and the complete suite of blocks.
  • When we do this, those alpha worlds will appear in a new default ‘universe’, and the old pre-alpha worlds will co-exist in a legacy universe
  • Blocks/inventories aren’t transferable between universes (some players large have stockpiles of rare resources that won’t be as prevalent in the finished game). You won’t be able to transfer blocks (there’s technical and balance reasons for doing this).
  • Players will naturally migrate over to the new universe because it’ll have the new hotness, blocks and features.
  • As we approach 1.0, we’ll prepare a fresh universe default (let’s call this beta) for everyone. At this point the alpha universe will become legacy and the pre-alpha universe will suffer a heat death.
  • At 1.0 we may keep the beta universe, if significant balance changes are required we may move beta to legacy, put up a new launch universe and send alpha off to a heat death as well.
  • Biscuits.

This is of course my speculation about what I expect will happen. We’ll always give plenty of notice if we do retire worlds, and where possible we’ll try to keep them alive.


(Takes a drink)

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Seems legit :smile:
But It would be sad if you deleted the pre-alpha worlds for ever :cactus:
Maybe have them downloadable?

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Really like the idea of legacy and current existing side-by-side until a new current kicks the old one into legacy status. A nice way of handling things, well done.

Yeah, we’d like to do that.


You could also auction the legacy worlds before they suffer a heat death and the highest bidder gets the chance to rent it.


why not have all 3 universes instead of even delting something. some of this pre alpha worlds are like the first in the game. people should wanna look at old houses how they did like when there whas no stairs thats maybe intersting but i would like to have all 3 universes o.f.c the pre aplha is more populated but its the original and nothing beats the original

It’s always a question of ressources. I don’t think they have the capacity to run more than 2 universes. It would simply cost too much.
Also I’d say the 1.0 universe will be the most populated if everyone had to choose. Simply because the majority of players won’t come until 1.0 is released.

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well it is just to wait and see what will come right?

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There’s a significant cost associated with running worlds, and if players aren’t playing on those worlds (or very few people are) that’s not going to be good for us (we’d rather have more worlds running on the most up to date server). We’ll always try and keep old ones around where possible, and maybe even offer downloads of old worlds or something.

We don’t want to take anything away people are having fun with, but it’s a very early access game and lots will change, that will mean wipes sometimes.


ah okay i understand but in the future will players still be able to upload worlds? like is that only a feature in pre game or the people that bought alpha will they be able to create worlds for it and not new peps

Will the maps reset in 1.0?

It is unknown at this point dependign on balance issues. This one could probably have been found by using the search tool:

Before asking questions please try typing in keywords into the search bar ^.^ In this instant “world” and “reset” was actually enough, though we are always here if you are in doubt.

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