50% Off Deluxe Upgrade?!

The Deluxe upgrade for Boundless is 50% off on the steam store!

Normally £20.99 now £10.49 (do your own calculation for your respective currency)

What do you get?

  • +10% Plots for entire lifetime
  • 30 days of Gleam Club
  • Ability to craft the Golden Fist
  • 500 Cubits (normally costs £3.99 on its own)

BARGAIN (not sponsored)


Is good deal.

I know I’m planning to but BL PC once it’s on sale so I can get my fix when I’m not home. Edit: guess that day is today.

And definitely buying the deluxe upgrade for PS4 when that happens.



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lul get rekt


I don’t think they can make a deluxe upgrade for Ps4. It’d be done by now if it was possible.

Kinda want what the early backers got and spend money for 50% plot bonus. XD

That was in February.

I have been pestering them about this for almost a year!

The official response is:

So, us lowly console users live in hope to get to feed off the crumbs from the PC table :neutral_face::wink:


We can’t wait!

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Latest update on it from 4 days

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Those who where in the beta and got one of the packages will have the bonus. They carry over to ps4 :wink: have 50% plots bonus there but not 60% because it does not carry over the deluxe.


Can you log in once on my PS4 WS account? :joy:

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that wont help, it’s only because my PC and PS4 Boundless is on the same account.

Edit: I can even see my pm’s from my characters on the PC when I play on PS4 same goes for guilds.
If I type in a guild im a part of on PC it uses that characters name.

Turn on family sharing, create a new steam account. You can then play the game with the new steam account. Start the game, use my Wonderstruck login credentials. Log out. I change password, login on PS4 and I have 50% extra plots :joy:

It’s how I managed to get my 10% extra plots even tho I initially used 2 different WS accounts, one on Steam which is an Adventurer backer key with +10%, then I did the above, hoping I would also get Deluxe which sadly didn’t work, but did get the Adventurer backer level thing. It’s the reason my main PS4 WS account (this account) is now sporting Adventurer too :wink:

bought :slight_smile:
missed it somehow, thanks for info :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if you could upgrade on PS4

No upgrade? How do you make golden fist?

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50%? I thought the bonus of deluxe was 10% only?

Yes, Dulki has a backer account where he gets 50% bonus plots…

So its not all early backers. Ok. Kicks a hopper :joy:


I’ve joined the club :blush:

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