(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·Aquatopia's Sunken Town ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) SHOWCASE 5

maybe not many people know this but the sunken town mall project
on nia zed ka also has a very big town being developed beside it
most builders there now are veterans and have allready created some awesome masterpieces
ill be reporting about the town here so i dont spam the sunken town mall channel also this project is so big it deserves two topics lol


@PharaohNai has discovered an awesome thing
when construction happend to the ash village he stumbled upon a ancient piramid
after a big excavation many objects where retrieved off it and he pieced a story together you can read on the spot via signs and a museum
ancient powers where discovered previous unknown about these structures by the help off a meteorite event involving the piramid
so just go visit and show some love to this amazing piece off ash village lore

to visit go ultima world hub use the aquatopia empire portal
and there use the portal metro hub to ashvillage its nearby
the portal thing looks like a metro so not hard to find 1sec walk from the entrance portal



The Sunken T base

@EdWe in a amazing short time as a true aquatopian royal
has created this masterpiece off aquatic goodness
only in game you can appreciate the beauty
no need to describe this
thank you edwe to show why we are called aquatopians and thx to the dev’s for the gift off water now we do not need name change aquatopia to drytopia


I really liked the start of my shop I was going to have there. Too bad really. Tho that reminds me I need to tear it down, so that spot is open for someone else

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we allready running out off space at ashvillage due to the epic sizes off the bases being build but no worry’s our master architect @wischl
has allready added a new buildzone place over a massive lake
we invite all you people who would not mind living along wide roads with metrostyle transportation and a onsite mega-mall feel free to plot and build whatever you like here general theme:epic size mansions off all types
the pictures cant show the size off these build spots but its huge
the metro is allready running to the center off this zone so you can live a oortshard free live there at easy only take secs to reach mall our worldhubs



this build is just outside the ash village metro portal
build by and awesome couple off boundlessers
we have the Tesla side
and the mesa side both builds are intertwined with each other
if you want to see some pro organizing and pro workshopping def visit this one
also do not forget to check out there portal to there lambis shop/town
to pick up some fairly price goods


since we doing so much expanding off our two wide roads
we can offer spots for builds as big as ya like on water and on land
if you looking for a reliable town that stays active def think about us
get out off ya old and dusty spots and just build bigger and better in the sunken town off aquatopia

the northern highlands have any kind off terrain you want
water/ hills /flatlands
and off coarse we try to make sure a metro station is never very far from where you will build unless your build is a castle with a entire village inside (which we have room for :sunglasses:)
all these roads are all on GC and run by aquatopia and dont forget about the complimentary mega mall as the hearth off this mega city
citys have never been this well organized and easy to live in as this one
(imo) we allready planning more structures as our public full powered chryso and mall system today :+1:

now i shutup and show some more pictures off roads yay

for me this is boundless heaven no plot issue no complicated systems
wide roads plenty off build space expansion allready installed
since beta we studying towns and now we pick the fruits

will be posting an updated map for both the mall and town section
here’s the ones we use atm


Great work, Moebius! :selfie:

I was thrilled to settle down in this town, after a full wipe of all my assets. Im slowly getting back up on my feet, and watching this city spring up around me is really enjoyable. Thanks for the plots and i strongly suggest my fellow interlopers, to come take a look at this place we call home.

If you choose to visit the Mesa & Tesla store, and want to negotiate bulk pricing or place a special order, dont hesitate to message either of us.

Enjoy your day, Interloper.

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Tesla lives! How u been? Need any help getting started again?

And Mesa too!


Hi mate, long time no see! Thanks a ton, but im alright clawing my way back to past greatness on my own. :slight_smile:

I must say, its highly enjoyable to be back in this game, getting my player-run-economy-groove on again. :smiley:

I hope youre doing good, mate. :slight_smile:



this map will expand very soon a dunedragon just landed in the north
off sunebeach and more aquatopian’s migrated our took second home to the new playground
the dragon said it will take a while to move in wich means in dragon language probably 2500plots 4days :joy:

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Glad to see all the expansion, and returning faces. I hope to see you all around town :grin:

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Returning player presenting! I’m building here too, M sector, next to my mates Mesa and Cyk. I was previously known for my (hopefully) delicious pies on Finata’s capital Ultima hub.

What’s in short supply these days and needs to be sold? Looking to set up my shop.

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Wish I went with a sunken city of Orr theme. Darn.

welcome i dunno whats in short supply but i hope someone will tell you
we have plenty off shop locations in the mall to learn how to get one
check out the tutorial video we made here (¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·Aquatopia’s Sunken Town Mall ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯) (NEWSFLASH)
summer almost over and that means i will have lots off playtime
to take city to next level
pm me if you like acces to the city’s public full power chrysominter as well


we updated our train it now actually can go somewhere :smile:
all creds go to wischl our architect
here’s some screenshots

PS if you looking for a place to build big our town has 3provinces that can be acces with the metro and plenty off room
fun new place to call your own for more info scroll up :+1:


Hidden Portal in subway tunnels? Do secrets lie within???


That train is looking nice!


Thank you! When I have the time I will check out the vid. Big city is big my friend, and looking good!

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The Infamous pirate dunedé des dragon just docked his boat at sunny beach off sunken town and all sorts off weird builds been popping up ever since
lots to report in future

here’s some snapshots off the boat i managed to take before dunedé des dragon and his henchmen muaddib chased me off with there pirate snowballs
(they put ice inside)




the blueprint for oortchicken land got some free spots if ya got a cool design/decor/idea for a themepark hit me up

the small build area is 2by2 plots people in town can decorate and host a portal to a big amusement ride at there house our base our for people on other planets
handy way to become part off oortchicken fun land
hey @jaimepoutine @Orrian maybe oortchicken funland can host the reaper trial training coarse :pray:


Chickens scare me I keep seeing them in the woods of Biitula. Watching… they are always watching…

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