Arent we like 3 weeks behind on the "weekly" update?

I am excited too, but I do not think they will make this year. This next update will be a big leap forward.


I dont think they will either but it would be nice to tell us now insteas of making us wait til sept or november to tell us that when itll already be painfully obvious at that point

I feel like they are close to being on track. I may eat my words and I am happy to be wrong but I think we will be playing boundless 1.0 by the end of the year or at least early 2018. But I’m an optimist and that doesn’t always serve me well. :wink:


The thing about announcing release dates is that they kind of halt creative development. For a company to say “Our game will be ready by this date”, they are essentially stating that they know the extent of what they want to put in the game and how long it will take. Boundless feels like a good game right now, and the update will be a huge improvement, but personally I don’t feel it’s reached it’s peak of creative development yet. I think there is a lot more than can be added, some after launch sure, but if we get an announcement soon, we can bet there won’t be much more added than we already know about.

I’d like to see the game reach it’s full potential, and might even suggest growing the team a bit more, but I also know the struggles of release dates, and completely irrational and volatile fan reactions to those dates. It’s terrifying for a dev team to have to live up to the unrealistic expectations that fans place on them. That’s why I feel this game and its team have done such a great job limiting media exposure and not mass advertising quite yet. It gives them more freedom to create and refine the awesome content they want to be able to fit in it.


I think what @duomaxwell007 meant was that the last weekly update came on may 26th and there hasn’t been another update since. Not complaining but I check almost daily for the next weekly update and its been a while :stuck_out_tongue:

cough cough

3 weeks of updates


oh ok, didnt know they changed the name and category they put em now hehe used to be under devlog category. Thx!

It is not the same but it gives insight on what the team is doing.


Thats why you either do what bethesda does and dont announxe a GAME at all until its practically done and 3 months out (i.e fallout 4s annoucement and Anthem). But at the same time you also d9nt tell ppl a game os coming in 2017 then wait til nov/dec 2017 to tell em it wont. You should know MONTHS in advanced if youre gonna hit the target year. I mean Shenmue 3 was supposed to come out by Dec 2017 and 2 weeks ago they annouced that itll be delayed and wont hit til the first half on 2018. THAT is how youre supposed to do it.

Thus were not waitin til November thinking were gonna play in a month only to have our dreams crushed.

Checkout the FAQ entry here, where I basically say the same thing, if we haven’t announced a release date then it’s at least 3 to 6 months off:


I am behind on Weekly Dev Logs because much of the focus has been on wrangling the game into a releasable Testing state. But I will post a collective post shortly. Sometimes it’s hard to write the Weekly Dev Logs when there isn’t much new to talk about. The majority of content would be “attempting to make the game better - it’s hard.”

Expect a weekly update shortly.


It’s alright ! :blush: I was just curious about it, those usually come with more pictures and the kid inside me loves pictures xD

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and general news :wink:

Regarding[quote=“james, post:15, topic:8046”]
Checkout the FAQ entry here, where I basically say the same thing, if we haven’t announced a release date then it’s at least 3 to 6 months off:

That is the issue with rumors remember last week/week before hey all we have to move from therka and make every major city a ghost-town because the update is comming in 10 days - 2 weeks… we need to stockpile and move to where all the awesome stuff is s we don’t miss out!!! (heard from a player in-game) = everyone listened

so I don’t know where you heard that rumour from but I must have missed the memo on that one. I don’t know how he/she reasoned that making the major cities a ghost town was a good idea because of the new resource distribution.

well i could give the names of the three players but i do not think it would be fair calling them out - but have you not noticed this @knightsb ?

Few weeks ago I’ve already heard some mumblings from some more respected players that Therka Market and PG were becoming ghost towns slowly if they weren’t already there. I am not sure what the new resource redistribution has to do with this because I really can’t see how that would be a problem with all those gateway connections. Besides, building a little base on another planet can’t be that hard (how hard can it be to make a square block of 8x8x8 base and put a door on it). With the PG and Therka Market being so well established, its to the advantage of all those already there.

Besides, the resource redistribution, if I read the patch notes correctly, it would not be instant. It will work its way in gradually through world regen, so if no one mines anything, nothing will regen and no new resources will spawn either.

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We force whole world resource regeneration. The testing branch has the latest resource distribution on if you want to delve in to the caves etc you can see the difference.

Quite a few people have been playing the testing branch so that has split the players base across the versions. We are aiming to bring all the new features over the live soon so I expect more people back on that as it has more worlds etc, and we do reset things (eg characters/world) on testing now and again, its not a permanent thing.

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oh i know @knightsb / @michaelb … i am not annoyed - i love this game and will play until my fingers bleed - and then until they break :wink:

But without the population it is somewhat of a single player game at the moment that is all i am saying - but everyone knows that once updates are established (and the steam news reflects this) there will be an influx of new players (for one - @PanzerXII / Cowking2000 (cow is not on the forums) has already joined the game - with another 2 hopefully on their way so :stuck_out_tongue: word of mouth guys - word of mouth :wink:

Am i a fan boy…??? not really… low-end groupy maybe - but i want this game to succeed so :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d totally consider myself a fanboy and a hardcore groupy. I’ve purchased 6 copies of the game for friends who couldn’t afford it just to get more people playing boundless. I wanna help get this game on the radar, even more than it already is.


well as long as you have admitted it - i have got this one and 2 main others - a copy i gave to a mate who returned it QQ so that makes a total of 4 playable copies - i bought for @PanzerXII - his freind Cowking bought for himself - cow is going halves to buy his mate one and im going to buy one for another friend so XD

yeh ok im a friggin fan boy QQ