Best ways to earn Coins? All ideas will be helpful thank you!

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Best ways to Earn Coins Weather it is to use a website or to convert into coins using Chrysominter? Also with The minter is there a website where I can find best coins to be converted or something?


What I found works really well early game (and late game really) is mining on t6 worlds and selling everything you get. One t6 hammer will easily get you enough material to buy yourself more hammers and still end up with profit.


Not sure what the best way to make coin is using the minter as i use it more like a trash can. Difference between just dropping stuff on the ground and dropping in the can is in the can i get a small amount of coin back.
If you need coin i think the best way is to sell at baskets. Like Rough oort (hubs always buy) as it is at 305-310 coin each.

Using BUTT you can see who buys what and how much.

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The first one I learned about was to mine rock, turn rock to stone, stones to doors, and then mint the doors. But this is slow going and requires a lot of rock and time. And you only get 900c per smart stack.
If you add coils to the minter, each coils adds 5% up to 40% at 8 coils. Though the coils are a pain to make and buying them cost about 27,000c each.

Another way is to do hunts and sell the mats from the hunts.

Or you could use BUTT and play the market.


Joining hunts and selling the oort and mats is the quick way to make coin.
If you do not mind the leg work you can buy and sell for profit using BUTT.

Minting doors as an extra with leftover rock , all you need is a lot of benches …


Go on hunts. In 2 hours, you can make loot valued b/w 100k to 250k coins. Beats anything else ingame


Oooh, this app is awesome ! Thank you for this great discovery. I will spend less time scanning all the planets :grinning:


from one of the old guide posts :slight_smile:
3rd Party Websites, Links, Apps, & Tools (Planet info, shopping items, colors, etc)
:white_small_square: Useful References :star:
:white_small_square: :white_small_square: Farming
:white_small_square: Permanent / Known Worlds color spreadsheet list
:white_small_square: :white_small_square: DMG calculator


So, the best way to earn coins, is to provide economic growth, ensuring more coins will be available to you in the future.

Nobody liked that , really, and we got the “coin machine” :rofl:

Anyways I often post links to this thread, and the OP has links even further back. The only info in this thread that is out of date is the prices regarding refined gleam and gleam doors. While much of the conversation is people being pissy about the doors, the thread has a ton of other good info in it:

There are very few “raw” blocks or materials you should throw directly in the minter, if you want coins from it. Corruption, growth, maybe sponge. Thorns, a couple of other natural blocks pay well. And they all also drop desirable loot. The thread linked above has some numbers for corruption. Here’s a more recent breakdown on some growth farming, now that we can have awesome, low level growth farms:

There are some other items not frequently mentioned. They’re not hard to discover. First thing is browse knowledge across categories and look for items that mint for substantially more than similar items. These are often the minter “easter eggs” and they will eat up some resource that’s common helping to keep the severs from being flooded or something :crazy_face:

Check out soups and broths. There’s an item there that’s way out of order. If you have a bunch of that junk around, pick up some cash.

For the most part, it wants processed items. If you’re thinking you need to be high level to have the stuff, it starts right at the beginning. Here’s one of the first/easiest crafted items:

A foliage mints for 0.05c and there’s not much else to do with it, some basic recipes and decor. You would need 20 of them to mint for a coiin. 36 of them are worth 1.8c

A trunk mints for 0.05c, same as foliage. You can use these to make some doors, for better coin. But anyways 36 raw mint for 1.8c.

36 trunk (1.8c) + 36 foliage (1.8c) = 50 warp conduits. Warp conduits mint for 0.6c. So a few seconds at a table, and your 3.6c of trunk and foliage became 30c, and that’s before coils, which (0.30 X .4) gives you 42c.

Sell them on stands. I used to sell trunk for .1c OMG :rofl: found out I was selling cash literally.

5.4 coin to toss those mats in the (fully coiled) minter. 42 coins to pass them through a table first.


~700% more coins?

EDIT: Also in terms of what people mean by simply trading using BUTT, here’s an example that came to my attention this week. Some of this got cleaned up already but this will do for a small example.

There’s 7200 coins for moving half an inventory of items a few meters on the same planet. Could be the other side of the planet IDK. I’m pretty sure that there was a large amount being sold for 3c earlier this week, someone got that.

Request baskets are the bane of this economy, IMO. However they’re constantly creating trading opportunities. At least there’s some give and take to it.


:grin: literally like water and lava that i put in the trashcan scooped it up 100 times faster then it sold that way i could at least get coin back for tools after i had filled a few chests.

But yeah selling “junk” you don’t want is way better.
As for water and lava can be sold for 200% or even 400% of the mint price. (Mint is 0.2-0.3c per block can be sold for 0.5-1c per block)

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Chrysominter should be a last resort method for making coin, nearly every item in game can be sold for more than what the chrysominter will give you.

I always suggest doing what you enjoy doing in game to earn your coin, otherwise it’ll be a massive grind and you’ll burn out.

Mining is great (if you enjoy it). There’s many request baskets buying the resources from mining. You can also sell the rocks, gravel and sand. Millions of coins on offer for rocks, gravel and sand at

Hunting is also great (if you enjoy it). Group hunts are more profitable, but even solo hunting low level meteors earn you a lot of resources that can be sold all over the boundless universe.

Surface gathering / exploring is great (if you enjoy it). Grab some 3x3 axes and blank atlases. Explore a stack of the sovereign planets gathering surface resources and grabbing trunks, foliage, grass etc. You can sell your trunks for upto 2.5c each at Sydney Supplies - also buying foliage and grasses too.

Dig up planets is simple and easy. Plenty of baskets buying all soils, sand, gravel, ash etc. You can also sell the grasses and resources from the boulders and plants you destroy whilst digging.

Mix it up, if something gets a bit stale, try another way of making coin. Some people can farm gleam for hours… most can’t though. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing… the coin will come!


I didn’t catch this before work. For my purposes the knowledge page in game has served me the best. It groups items well, it’s easy to manage, so for easily spotting discrepancies or stand-out items I find it quite usable.

But (@WendyVandecatsye included this earlier) specifically has the minter value, and IIRC stack value, on the item page.

You tend to forget after a while how much of a game changer some things are. Seeing someone’s discovery this sort of resource is always cool :smile:

I’ve never seen one of the sites in Wendy’s list. Awesome I’m checking that out, too.


I find marble is stupid easy to make. Plus you get the spung from mining the orbs. A maxed out cyro gets roughly 6500 coin per SS of marble. ( haven’t logged in in quite some time so I don’t remember exactly ) but it’s a good source of coin if your willing to put the grind in

My way earning coins is to look on butt and see what’s not popular to sell I sell unforged Lucent bombs cause there hardly anywere lol

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