Boundless Multiverse

Hey everyone,

We wanted to give you all an update on the next major update to Boundless. It’s a feature that’s been much-requested, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

The next significant update to Boundless is going to be the ability to Create and Run Your Own Universe. When you boot up the game, you’ll see a few options.

  • Join the main Boundless Universe
  • Join a friend’s universe
  • Create your own universe.

This is something that’s been a long standing request for many players. In effect it provides a single player and local version of Boundless. Alternatively, you could set up a whole new universe for just your family or friends. When starting a new universe, you’ll have full control over the creation of worlds in that universe, by generating and using new world configs.

We’ve had a lot of feedback requesting the ability to play locally, or in private, but naturally the main shared universe we’ve all been playing since launch will still be there to enjoy. The main MMO will remain as the primary Boundless experience.

We hope this makes Boundless a more diverse experience that can give even more people exactly what they want from the game. Essentially, we’re opening the door to players who would like to play Boundless, but don’t want to be involved in a public MMO.

Please note that running a universe is not something we can squeeze onto a PS4 due to the additional resource requirements. However, PS4 players will still be able to get the PC server for free, and connect to any other universe, or run one (via a PC).

This will allow players to mod and change the rules in their own universe. There are levels of complexity, with a lighter ‘express’ version, and access to more complex configurations via the world builder. It really does open up a much wider set of possibilities in Boundless. On top of all this, the introduction of self-hosted worlds and universes opens up extensive asset and gameplay modding options.

We’ll be putting live an initial technical foundation for players to experiment with on our testing branch when we can. It’s possible that this one will need quite some time in testing, as it’s a pretty significant change.

As a part of this update, we’ll also have to make some tweaks to the gameplay. This is principally to make sure that Boundless can work as a single player experience, as many aspects of the game are of course designed in the context of an MMO.

It’s very much at the prototype stage right now, and we’ll release more info on how it works and what kind of customisation is possible as it develops.

I hope you’re all excited as we are to see the next big evolution of Boundless!


Cool thing, but i am afraid this will even more ruin the ingame market, hunts, and oorts :frowning: But the idea is really great indeed. :smiley: Will see when it kicks in :slight_smile:


Before reading, thanks for updating us :smiley:

Edit: Ok after reading lol. Thanks for the effort! Add something for the rest of us who don’t want anything to do with the sovereigns/single player :sweat_smile: :joy:.


Whaaatsssss happppeeennniiiiinnnnnggggg?

confused and scared


Will this mean the future is sovereign and/or self-hosted worlds?
Will the main Universe die one day?
This one worries me.



This should hopefully open up the game to more players that want to play by their own rules or on a more casual basis. Will be interesting to see where it leads and what options become available.


How will the private universes interact with the main universe???

Will they be like soverigens linked to the main universe, or will they be like creative planets that are isolated?

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Nobody will pay for Sovereign because “host it yourself” is cheaper / free.



I’m still waiting for pants.


My assumption is that they will be completely separate, much like a Minecraft single player world on your computer is entirely different from playing on someone’s server.

They won’t replace sovereigns because sovereigns are connected to the main universe. Connected to everyone else. Many people LIKE the connected, community, MMO aspect of the game, and they will continue to run sovereign worlds.


Ah ok. I wasn’t aware that people wanted that. Makes sense though.

I was hoping the next update would be furniture.


I also look forward to more content updates. :slight_smile: I’m sure they will return succeeding this “single player universe” update.


Unless the Main Universe will simply become a hub for the sovereigns.
One planet with 4000 slots.

Edit: I meant, I hope the Boundless Multiverse won’t become a “Lobby” for connecting to Sovereigns.


This doesn’t excite me. It feels like we’re still missing a lot of what was supposed to come to the game when it launched two years ago.

I was really hoping that the next update would have been titans and furniture.

It’s starting to feel like the game is being readied for abandonment.


Exactly! Leave the “modders” add content!

ps. I may over-react because I like the game so much :slight_smile:



I can’t fathom how it would. I personally can’t justify spending money on the game with my current income, and I’m sure there are many others like me. So I won’t ever have a sovereign of my own. I also won’t trust sovereigns to save my builds, as someone could stop paying for them at any time, so I will always build in and enjoy the main Boundless universe. :slight_smile:


Nice to know what is coming next :slight_smile:


Boundless aura-t-il droit à une mise a jour special pour la PlayStation 5? Meilleure performance et graphique?

Another nail in the coffin of the main MMO universe imho. It does feel like this is a step toward self-hosted worlds on the way to shutting down the original servers. The main universe is already a ghost town and this will make things even worse. :confused:


Really need some new content dev team I get you guys are trying to make money. We really need some new content to keep things exciting.