Things I would like to know

I’ve been playing Boundless for 3500 hours now and yet there’s a lot I don’t know. A lot is explained, but only in English and I can’t do that. And much more remains hidden and is only exchanged among guilds. I taught myself everything I know about English, unfortunately I went to a school where English was considered unnecessary for us students. So I often use a translator, but those aren’t good either.

Therefore, unfortunately, I had many bad experiences in Boundless and also in real life, such as exclusion, ridicule, bullying, etc.

Nevertheless, I still have a small glimmer of hope that some people here in the forum will be nice enough to help me and explain things in simple English, without foreign words or abbreviations.

Here are the things I would like to know:

  1. How to earn coins with the Footfall?
    • How much can you make there?
    • How exactly does this work?
  2. What is a good way to increase prestige?
  3. How do you “really” make coins with the minter?
    • Which secret items do I have to use?
  4. How do I avoid gambling at the Centaforge?
    • I do have a strategy, but it only succeeds about 3/10 times.
  5. How do you get enough guild vigor for the guild buffs?
    • Or are you forced to go to large guilds and be just a number?
  6. How can I tell if a color is only available from exoplanets?

Just keep Building Just keep Building Just Don’t Use the same block constantly mix it up lol


Ah wow. OK here’s some pretty direct thoughts. This was more typing than I expected.

My primary advice here (just me) is “don’t bother yourself about this”. However if you want the feats or just like the idea:

  • Build something expensive that requires maintenance and serves other people.
  • Run a good shop. This will definitely earn more than the footfall if you want coins not feats.

If you carefully craft a good hub out of several characters’ beacons, you might make enough to collect regularly? Not enough to maintain an attractive infrastructure.

It’s a fairly complex system in full detail. But mostly

  • Acquire Prestige
  • Get people to come visit
  • Encourage them to walk around
  • Collect a little Money

Personally address it:

  • Add more blocks.
  • Add more types of blocks
  • Add more shapes of blocks (chiseling)

Alternatively, connect to/with other people.

Everything here, except the crazy coin levels from gleam doors, is mostly still true:

TBF I eventually automated many of the mentioned tasks. Why suffer when “nobody else is”?

I’ve paid for block changing even with macros available :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re having the fun with a method you like, then just understand the average (ingredient) cost here is about 3.3 times the cost of a success. If the tool is worth the coin or effort to you then have your fun.

When I ran a solo guild I had every character slot occupied, and each character generated the maximum endeavour each week. If you’re playing many hours you just take a look at what’s sitting around and process it a bit. It takes longer to log 10 characters in and out than it does to start 3 or 4 mass crafts each. Especially if you pre-load the machines through the week and several of those characters literally never move.

Somebody’s spreadsheet I think :rofl:
On this I have no idea. I look at boundlexx to see what’s available. I rarely worry about what’s possible but unavailable. I did just buy my first planet though so who knows.


I am mostly a solo player and I am never in a good location to run a shop that sells stuff that people need. So when I need coin, to this day, what I still do is this, with coils:

This ended up being the thing that defined fossil and essence prices as they are today, since the addition of the minter. The values in the link above are the base values before any coils are considered for the minter.

Some other “okay” items for minting would be things like Flour made from Oorum Wheat; it’s not great but considering you can just literally grow it, it’s good for people who like to do the farming. Other okay items are Ancient Tech Component and Ancient Tech Device; especially if you have a lot of these and can’t get rid of them in a shop.

Your next question is probably “but where do I get so many fossils”? To be honest, it doesn’t even have to be a lot of fossils, but good planets for fossils are Besevrona and Norkyna, and most other Toxic/Corrosive planets. The areas that are good for fossils also tend to be good for Silver Ore, which is always high in demand and at the moment sells very very decently even at request baskets (24c per ore, wow, if only I didn’t need it for myself :joy: )

A thought for everyone:
The thing to understand about the minter is that it sets the lowest base price something should be worth to other players. Selling an item at a value lower than what it’s worth in the minter + coils always means less potential money was made.

Like, if you want to maximise your coin gains, you should never sell an Ancient Tech Device to someone else at less than 2.8c in a hand trade, and never at less than about 3.2c in a shop stand, because of the tax loss. Sometimes people sell at less than this likely either because they don’t realise or because they just want rid of some of the items without the bother of actually using a machine and so on.

Coils are absolutely essential to make good use of a minter because every coil basically adds 5% to the listed value you see on an item.


If you need coins, watch the exos. Let people tear it up for Lucents expecially but if the second or third densest ore is medium fossils, a trip there is easy money.

If medium fossils and large fossils are both in the top 5, It doesn’t even really matter what else is on the planet.

I suspect that information about the oils is in one or more of those threads? Channeling oil, and the green one. Whew there’s not many cheap fragments any more.

Farmers were selling yams so cheap you could bake them (good XP) and double or triple your money at one point.

This was never big money, but If I ever bother to look, I still see flowers cheaper than their likely loot. I repeat that because it makes me laugh.

Anyways also remember that (for instance) 3 coils on an extractor is enough to extract large fossils. 8 machines with 3 coils do a lot more work, faster, than one machine with 24 coils.

The minter values are in the knowledge tab. Compare soups/broths. Makes you see purple :juicystarberry:

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Oh, yes. This is especially true for Umbris exos, I forgot about that. Umbris spawns at an altitude that is similar to ideal conditions for Fossil layers on the same worlds, so it’s a win-win mining situation really.


Thank you very much. Will try it. But first, I´ve to translate and understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen this computer can record video in boundless much better than my old computer could. Maybe I’ll do some example videos regarding what I know. It’s been a long time since I was actively trying to find out new techniques or anything.

It’s also been a long time since any changes :thinking:

However they did patch some exploit, quite recently. I’m happy to discuss legitimate game mechanics but I’m not aware of any existing cheats or exploitable bugs.

I skimmed over some of my old posts, I’m having a laugh at the real “secret ingredient” being macros. At the end of the day when the deed that needs done is alternating two button presses hundreds of thousands of time, what are you going to do :man_shrugging:

I did stuff the hard way for a long time. It helped to minimize QoL issues with the game to such an extent that it was practically being encouraged through side channels, anyways. After a lot of conversations and accepting the fact that even the most basic of modern gaming hardware could save macros onboard that were good enough for many boundless tasks - I sometimes use the auto-clicker that’s built in my mouse.

“Mass Craft” 30 times again, really?


What is your native language?

German. But it’s okay, if it’s written in simple English without abbreviations and foreign words, I can translate it well. - My main problem is, I can’t read well in general, things that you should normally learn in school weren’t taught to us in the school I went to.


Ah, sorry. Some of what I write is barely english.

Sie predigen dem Chor über das Schulsystem … Ich ging durch die Schule und wurde gerufen, faul, dumm, unmotiviert und unanpassungsfähig … und 17 Jahre später wurde bei mir eine posttraumatische Belastungsstörung diagnostiziert. Englisch ist meine Muttersprache und ich bin nicht die Beste darin :stuck_out_tongue: Also fühl dich nicht schlecht!

Möchte noch jemand über einen Diskurs (hier verwendete Forum-Software) für eine Reaktion/einen automatischen Übersetzer abstimmen, damit andere nicht ausgelassen werden?

You are preaching to the choir on the school system…I went through school being called, Lazy, Stupid, Unmotivated, and unadaptable…and 17 years later I get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. English is my native language and I am not the best with it :stuck_out_tongue: So don’t feel bad!

Anyone else want to vote on a Discourse (Forum Software used here) for a reaction/auto translator so others are not left out?

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Thank you very much. Post Traumatic Stress, I´ve too.

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There really is not a translation tool that is 100% accurate. Used discord bots to translate when I had a boundless discord. At least balkinus speaks German and not Mandarin so it will effectively translate. Most people who natively speak english, can’t speak english. We constantly are asking eachother what we are talking about. So maybe the translators work, it is just the way we interact that is broken?

Its better than silence, exclusion, or segregation imo. Now to Find my C3P0, he can communicate better than I ever will :slight_smile:

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