What turns you off playing Boundless?

Hey Everyone.

I’m genuinely interested to learn about what turns you off from playing Boundless.

  • Maybe you played and got bored.
  • Maybe you raged quit.
  • Maybe the grind ground you down.
  • Maybe you rubber banded out.
  • Maybe you crashed into pieces.
  • Maybe something else was more appealing.
  • Maybe the tutorial taught you nothing.
  • Maybe your PC crawled along on it’s knees.
  • Maybe the website or trailer lied to you.
  • Maybe it was too easy or too hard or both.

Please let us know!!

This forum is full of ideas and complaints and suggestions - so feel free to contribute a new item to this thread and include a link to a past discussion if it helps for more context.

Finally, it goes without saying that the game is in development, features will be added, balance will be nudged, and optimisations will be found. But still - if we don’t know what is turning players off we can’t do anything about fixing them. We’ve thick skin - so don’t be afraid to give us an honest answer - we’ll genuinely appreciate it.



I think that what turns me off with boundless is the connection problems and rubber banding it’s extremely annoying but I put up with it because this game is worth waiting through all the problems


Do you think Boundless should “work as best as possible” given a bad connection, or simply “refuse to let you play”. They’re opposite styles for helping with the problem.


Someone tried to claim all the red gleam spawns. * cough *
That almost made me quit the game.

And someone half-chopped all the trees around my house and dug a hole. It doesn’t regenerate, because my house is connected to a popular portal hub. The solution can’t be that i turn my portals off.

Oh and something you can’t fix but is interesting to mention: Visitors that run around my build and ignore me. I don’t know … it just feels so rude. I like visitors and like to visit other peoples builds, but I always introduce myself to the owner first, when i know he or she is present.

Besides that I pretty much love this game.


Personally, I just dislike the skill point up creep. Trying to plot out and plan for my next few levels only to be thrown off by skills going up a point is frustrating. If there was some kind of indicator that let me know next skill acquired will increase skill cost that would be helpful.

This is not a deal breaker, I still log in and play at least every few days.


Visitors not closing doors is my pet peeve.


I found the skill creep to be really throwing me off honestly it’s the ONE thing that slows this game down by a hell of a lot…because instead of being able to set myself a “goal” and achieve it i now have to level up sometimes even 3 times becuase i just want ONE skill


People just aren’t that welcoming here…it’s not even the games fault truly…Game is a bit slow for my liking yes but when the community insults you and gangs up on you all because you voiced ur opinion on what could be changed during an EARLY ACCESS ALPHA title…it’s like this game can do no wrong…this is the best time to voice your opinion but peoples opinions like mine are shut down so we get no where all because the elitists of this community think because “it’s just in early access” they don’t need to voice their opinions and let the devs do all the work even though the devs have listened time and time again to voice your opinion…ik we don’t have all the solutions but no one should be able to just get knocked down all because some people think others just wanna be spoon fed

To Quote @Havok40k

Now he says this about me. yet during that post I didn’t once through an insult at anyone…but he starts “cleaning” me and what I say yet leaves pictures of a baby with a spoon that was directed at me and so forth


I have the idea of a “regen-bomb” that will trigger the regen for an area. This would allow you to tidy up a highly populated area. Think that would help?

Maybe you get a little bonus for a high-five? Or waving / saluting each other?

It could be a Feat: Salute 50, 500, 5000 citizens.


Thanks. The price increase is unknown until you’ve levelled up. Good point.

They could auto close?


… well I’m asking for your opinion in this thread.

Tell me about the game. That old thread is now closed, let us leave it closed.


the thing that turns be down is the “empty houses” with wonky self made furniture, id love to go into a player home and feel there is life in there (simply said, we need real furniture)


What? i was answering what you say…You are a dev i wasn’t saying about you Hell in the post i say you guys are great and listen…I am saying the i guess rest of the community. i only used the other forum as an example so that we can move forward and hope boundless can become a great game

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I think it should “work as best as possible” as I am quite fine pushing through rubber banding as it usually happens during a spike and then calms down again


I wouldn’t be opposed to a type of door that auto closed. Just not every door.

Also, I like the “regen-bomb” I would just hate to see it potentially abused like bots farming tree stumps.

Last thing, the 25% of max durability loss at death is just kinda harsh. Maybe 25% of current durability would be a little easier to take for new players. I just died on an alt after visiting Omni’s Shop


I do not like the plot allocation after reaching level 50. I would like to get more plots for the effort or have a skill that let me get 50 - 100% more plots per level.

I do not like the amount of skill points we get. Some of the features are not even implemented and I would not have the skills points for them (such as atmospheres).

I would agree with this. I end up using a lot of plots trying to protect the areas around my build to keep a few trees and not have a pit mine in my front yard. I would like to hear more about a regen-bomb.


Or maybe just a loss of durability for the tools/weapons in your hand? I will have to note that through skills you can stop any loss on death. I have done this but it does require a good number of skill points.


I tend to go the route of making tools last longer since they have not implemented enemies in caves yet. But I try to invest at least 2 points into the durability loss on death after, but 50ish points a skill is expensive. To cap both lines the last skill is over 100 points.


Awesome! I had similar idea a few days ago!
But my next thought was: That could be abused for griefing. For example to nuke builds that had just run out of fuel or that are partly unclaimed but nobody noticed because the area is populated.
Or it could be used to farm rare blocks from prefabs. Or to trap people underground.
But I’m glad the idea is a thing.

I’m not sure if this could or should be incentivised.
If its not honest, you will know anyway and it feels rude again.
Some people just forget their manners online.


I’m assuming it would be reasonably expensive to craft.

I’d be happy to consider alternatives.

At the moment 4x death = 0% of a new weapon, whereas a relative 25% would be 4x death = 31% durability.

I’m pretty sure we’re adding new skills for builders to get a plot bonus. I think it’s in keeping with the other skill other professions can opt into (for example increased drop rates for a hunter).

The target balance for the skills is that you should feel awesome as a character, your not a god, but you’re rad. More work required. (Obviously as more skills are added we need to rebalance the costs or skill capital.)

Potentially a Forged skill for bombs that triggers regen. It’s a bit like an anti grenade. But clearly they can’t be free or they’ll get abused.

Another use would be to allow players to easily clean up griefing or vandalism. If it can be quickly removed it’ll reduce the incentive.

We are introducing a new player status effect that will contain a bundle of little helpers for new players. (This is quite common for games to alter the rules of the game for a new player. For example a fighting game will often let a new player always win their first fight, etc.)

The game already reduced your threat level so that creatures will not attack you until you’re ready. (Sorry to break the spell for a few players here!) We could also disable the death penalty whilst you have the learner wheels. But I suspect it’s not really a problem for new players, but rather more annoying for older player with an inventory to new gear!