Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?


Ok. Thanks.

Could you share another screen shot with the Debugging information enabled. Press “.” a few times.




Ok thanks. (For me) this would suggest an issue with the game, and given that a few others are reporting similar issues then there is likely an issue in the game client. Sorry about this. And thank you for taking the time to share the details.

I’ve forwarded all these details to the devs who originally implemented the networking code - and will let you know what I hear back… (It might take until the New Year as not everyone will be online.)

Extreme Ping

Hello i’m back again me and my bro having same prob just mine was so bad that it was kinda sad and funny at the same time i cant get in boundless taking a break for a bit while i have access to a few other game betas

but here is my ping sins the update :slight_smile:

From that logic i’m connecting to the server’s from the moon XDD (don’t worry kinda amusing xD)

Extreme Ping

Okay. I have to take back my previous comment. The problem persists. It got better for a few days but it is back. I haven’t changed my graphic settings. The draw distance remains as low as possible and still, like @DoomsdayKnight said, there are lag spikes every few seconds with rubberbanding. I keep falling into pits I’m trying to avoid, thanks to this.


Result after trying networktest

In game latency: 2k-4k ms
Location: Philippines

1. What is your ping time to servers around the world?

2. What is the performance of your local Internet connection?

3. Is your connection experiencing packet loss?
(No timeouts seen so far after running it for a few minutes)

In game screenshot:

I might not have the best connection but I’m not usually experiencing latency in other games especially not in this magnitude.


Same here, After playing the networktesting beta a couple of minutes, i still have the rubberbanding and slow network message at the top of the screen.


In game latency: 2k-15k spikes
Location: Melbourne

1. What is your ping time to servers around the world?

2. What is the performance of your local Internet connection?

3. Is your connection experiencing packet loss?
No, consistant 30-35ms ping to ( I think this is the Australian server ), No loss at all over an hour play with multiple slow network : notices.


The pattern shown on the network graph is fairly consistent

  1. surge of use of all download bandwidth (not always but most of the time)
  2. followed 30 seconds later by the server not replying
  3. and eventually the client seems to notice and gives a slow network report
  4. and re-establishes communication.
  5. usually to repeat the pattern again 3-10 minutes later.

If I quit boundless while there is no communication between client and server, boundless freezes and windows has to force it to close.

Update 4-5 pm 9 Jan 2017: I’m having 30 seconds of lag to every 3 minutes of game play on Andoweem.
By 5:30pm It’s down to 30 seconds of lag to 30 seconds of game play. ( completely unplayable )


My ping is very high, in the cmd in when I ping the servers it is around 150 ms, while in game it is around 490ms.

I have 15mb download speed I should be able to play this game.

I bought it today and cannot play it due to my ping, even though I really like the game.


Try out the test build. Right-click Boundless in the steam library > properties > enable betas


I did as you said, and I still have the same connection problems, If it helps you guys to solve the issue I am connected to the Australia server on the game, the default option set by the launcher.

Edit “It is a miracle”, I tried the non networktest build aka the beta build and I got decent ping, it worked perfectly.

Whatever you have on the beta build, it is working in terms of network connectivity.



Another happy customer! :champagne: :tada: :trophy:


Can you confirm exactly which build you’re referring to here?

  1. The default Steam version - which we call Live.
  2. The public testing Steam Beta - which we call Testing.
  3. The private networktest Steam Beta - which we call NetworkTest.

Which version gives you bad latency and good latency.


I used Testing build and I got good ping 400ms better then the Live build.

The NetworkTest build had no effect.


I am running “Live” and I get frequent issues with lag.

EDIT: Switched to the “Testing” beta, same issue still impacting me with lag. Its only every so often and is from 500-2500ms delay.


So picked up Boundless when it was still Oort Online back in 2015 and haven’t played much but decided to come back a few days ago to see how things have come along. Sad to say It’s barely playable for me due to slow connect warnings ranging from 400 to over 18000 showing at the top of my screen. I have tried both live and networktest versions and have had little luck with both of them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also currently Connecting to USA East on normal. on the Network test I unknowingly logged into the Australia server and seeing as i’m in Canada that might explain the lag on the Networktest side of it.


For everyone experiencing latency issues please try the latest Testing 31 release.


Hi :slight_smile:

First I have to say that Boundless it the perfect game I imagined I’d like to play. Right now I can’t play it, today it’s really bad with rubber banding :confused:
What is the status of this?

Anyway good luck with this, I know it can be insane effort to find simple bugs, let alone more complicated ones :slight_smile:

You can find my results here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1szxR2xQvepOXpsaDdMR3Bja1k?usp=sharing
Seems I can’t upload attachments since new user :wink:


Can you try reducing your download chunk limit? The details are here:


Hey James :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply. I have already tried all possible options. Even with Min(1mb) it’s the same.