Release 244 - Gleambow Racing, Stability, and Smarter Stacks

Thanks for your patience during the downtime folks. We are now pleased to Release 244 with you all. You can see the full, detailed patch notes in James’ post over here

TL:DR We’ve focused heavily on stability and Quality of Life changes for this release, and content-wise, the main focus is on the new Gleambow Racing release!

We’ve made some fixes we’ve wanted to turn our attention to for a while, including the way smart stacks behave.

It’s nearly here, folks! Gleambow Racing begins today!

Hopefully, you’ll have been following our reveals and teasers on social media over the past week or so, but let’s get it all in one place.

If you’re new to Gleambow Racing, then this post here goes over everything you need to know about the event. So, what’s new this time around?

This time, Gleambows will spawn on Rugged and Inhospitable Lush worlds, where they will replace all regular Meteorites. These will, of course, be accompanied by the customary Gleamtrunks, which will attempt to pull citizens off the meteorite. These creatures are no mere annoyance! They’ll drop Mutated Gleam Sacs once defeated, which can be crafted into new food items to provide 3 exciting new buffs!

Gleamberry Juice significantly increases the radius of your character’s pickups. This ‘magnet’ effect will be tremendously helpful with all gathering tasks. The Gleambow Jelly bestows the super fun ‘Jelly Jump’ buff, which boosts your jump and double jump height to incredible levels. This also reduces all fall damage for the duration of the buff.

Last but not least, the Gleampop will give Citizens the ability to walk on water, leaving a colourful trail of ice behind them! We can’t wait to see groups of keep Gleambow hunters, racing across the landscape with huge leaps and leaving icy trails behind them.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a brand new wearable, the Gleambubbler, which provides a fun visual effect around your character as they emit a stream of bubbles. This can be picked up in The Exchange as always.

Two brand new props are here for you to enjoy too! Perennial favourite Oorty gets a funky makeover, and there’s a shiny new Gleambow Trophy to show off in your Beacon.

If you just can’t seem to catch a Gleambow … then why not summon one! Our brand new Gleambow Augment can be fitted to a totem, then fired into the sky to spawn a Gleambow.

We’re super excited for this round of Gleambow Racing, and we hope you all are too! See you in there folks!


Actually suprised that 244 would release with Gleambow. Was expecting a few weeks of 244 testing. ^^

Wait… 244… It was 243 in testing.

Because of Gleambow, it jumped from 243 to 244?

There were two testing updates with own version number before: Compactness and Reclaim.

Uh. I hadn’t noticed. So when a big feature is added to an already-in-testing update, it bumps the version number. Neat.

Anyway, I’ll go back to bed waiting to see what 245 will bring us. ^^
Admittedly, this is more about some QoL changes, and I’m hoping for some big and juicy rework action.

Thanks y’all, so excited about Gleambow! :smiley:

No, the release number is always one higher than the Testing number. Well, except when we had 2 testing releases in a row without an actual update…

The odd numbers used to be release versions, the even numbers were testing versions, due to that one time with compactness and reclaim being 2 separately testing releases it changed around now…

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Uh. So, in truth, there’s been roughly half the number of updates released than the number suggests.
Kinda seems like an weird way of doing things, but ok. ^^

i can no longer shift click items in shopstands

hope its a bug and no feature of the smartstack behavior :confused:

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Is that as an owner or as a buyer? Can you go into more detail so that I can look into it?

On ps4, trying to move a 900 smart stack of refined igneous rock into a shop stand only allows a stack of 200. The remaining rocks end up back in my inventory. Edit: pressing R2 is the issue, moving them manually works as intended.

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iam the owner and want to add more items to the stand for sale as example gleambow totems but i have the same with most uneven number of items they just “plop” back in my inventory

What format are you on?

platform? pc or what you mean ?

Yes, platform. Is it only shift-clicking that’s the issue, or does it also affect items being dragged across?

only moving in the stand dont work out has no problem

edit: and when nothing is in the stand or only full ss it only move 2/200 items in everything else “plops” back

It is, but as a dev I actually get it. It always feels weird to save and upload my testing version work with the new version’s number when it’s technically not finished yet.

Thanks @Alucard2150 and @econodog, I can see that in some situations it doesn’t occur, but your examples definitely occur (independent of platform) so it will be added to the bug database.

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Oh, sure, that I get.
When I do projects, I save with numbers like “1.0.0” and as long as it’s testing, each version will up the last digits (1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc). Once it’s a proper release, it’s the middle digit that gets a up and I reset the last one (1.1.0). If it’s a major big meaty change, I’ll up the first number.

Anyway, to each their own method.
World of Warcraft does it like “” where 8 is the expansion number + 1 (because the vanilla version counts), followed by the expansion’s current major content patch, and then decent content updates to that content patch ups the last digit. But it doesn’t account for hotfixes and small QoL changes, that’s why they have a build number that counts every single update they internally do. So they’re currently at


Well that looks almost as annoying as the R2 bug on PS4 while using the reclaim menu.