Hello! New to boundless!

Hello! As the title states I’m new to boundless,

I’ve met a great guild/s, some amazing people and I absolutely have fallen in love with the game, no not a joke I promise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I start to build my new house, it’s going to be big!(i mean not as big as everyone else’s, but it’ll be my own!) but I did have a question I wanted to ask, and maybe grab some great ideas from the community;

A great friend had gifted me with several refineries, workbenches, the whole kit-and-Kaboodle so to speak. And I mean in the dozens of each with coils to spare.

I was wondering if you guys could post some photos and screenshots of your machine layouts in your giant builds?! I’ve been creating and saving Mats for a week so honestly, I’m looking for big and creative :heart::heart:

Thanks in advance! I’m Cbxev in game, come find me and say hello! :heart:


Hello and Welcome!

You can check out this video, if you haven’t already, this will help explain the powercoils setups and such.

Power Coil Placement Ideas | Boundless v.205 - YouTube


Check out these posts for a few ideas:


Welcome to Boundless!


Welcome! There are several threads on the forum where users have posted their set-ups & there are some YT videos of them:


My Workshop Doesn’t render cause of the Size of me Workshop XD

But Welcome to Boundless Cbxev here a Welcome :cookie:


Note : I made a ‘showroom’ space to explain in detail how/why I do some things. There’s a space dedicated to show a section-cut of my workshop blocks, and everything else, like gleam choices, walls, cliffs, floors…


Welcome, I hope this is the beginning of several thousands of hours of enjoyment for you.


Welcome to the game, I hope you have a great time.


Hi @Cbxev If you need Help Just shout Out :grinning::grinning::grinning: and Welcome to Boundless :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Welcome to Boundless. This game has the most caring community that I have ever met. My workshop isn’t mega huge like most other peoples, but I like the way I have my machines set up. I also like the way other people have theirs set up at well. If you want to take a peek at mine. Go thru the TNT mega hub Lutrion portal and you will automatically be inside of my portal hub. Go thru the portal that says "Phyre-Fly mansion/workshop and you will go to the big trianlgeish shaped house, go straight thru 2 doors and then you will see my underground workshop portal.

I have machines set up in the main room, if you also go thru the maintenance door one the same wall as my machines, you will see how I have other machines set up. There is a tricky little passage way that takes you down below to see how the rest of the coils are set up as well. I have signs leading to different areas of my unfinished project. Let me know what you think if you decide to go take a look. While your there, you might as well check out all of my designer furniture upstairs inside the house. On the very top of the house is the lounge/swimming area


@Cbxev yay you made it to the forums :wink:


Welcome Cbxev! I did not realize you were that new!! See you later today at the GleamBow Hunt!!
(this is adorable Git, btw :chipmunk:) (I have no decent builds to share… mine are just giant squares…)


Here is how I have my workshop setup… nothing major but a nice clean look… its not 100% complete since I have not had much time do to work. maybe one day it will be fully complete along with the rest of my projects lol


Welcome to boundless :wink:

Its an old shot as it is a bit more finished (not done jet but it works and im building on a other project).

Feel free to sneak a peek and get some ideas :wink:
All the machines are connected to one 16 spark generator cluster in the middle and all spark links (100 per line) are hidden in the in the iron pipes under the floors.



What planet are you living on? I’ll drop by and say hello and fall in love with your build!

If you don’t mind broadcasting it in the forum you can put it on your profile instead of your IRL location :wink:


Welcome to Boundless! If you see a LunaShaele running around looking lost - that would be me. :grin:


Welcome to Boundless!!!


Thankyou! Dw I’ll be lost with you then! :rofl:

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Thankyou !

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