Forge Tutorial s

This topic should be for everyone WHO wants to Share His knowlege about how to Forge and for people asking how to Forge Special Things.

I ll start with a First vid i did some weeks ago for T6 Speed Tools , i think one of Most used Tools ,
You can Change the Speed glue against longlivity If you prefer Dura.


im abit nostalgic
that was my first guide about forging :smiley:


Tutorials are basically useless… because everyone has different luck and because the Centraforge is a game of chance…

Thank You for sharing your knowledge with the boundless folks :heart: I’m sure it will be very helpful for a lot of people :slight_smile:

Don’t get unmotivated by some comments,there’s with every attempt to help people and making the gameplay easier also negative people…

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Tutorials are there to give you basic knowledge of “how too” and to guide you! it doesn’t mean it will give you 100% end results with a 100% chance or accuracy , you know that the forge is RNG based.

When it comes to the forge I love the RNG
Because it takes a bit of willpower and motivation and positive mentality to not lose your temper haha. Luckily I’m not vulnerable to that and say “thank you forge” :blush: ofcourse it can be frustrating but once you got them tools cooking you know you worked for hard for it, @Balkinus forging is not for everyone, if by frustration you need to Uninstall boundless because of the forging, then back off and let others do it. Nothing in this game is a must and you can go a different route :wink:
It’s not worth uninstalling just because of the forging RNG


Back in the past when I wanted to start learning how to forge, I just read the ingredients what they shall do, and then I found @Nexton’s mysterious written guide which steps shall be done. Until then I wasn’t a forum participant and had not read much through the methodology to forge, I was reading like the “first page” of overall information and got tired already from all the reading. So what I did is just using the forge simulator that had some abbreviations I could only assume what they mean. I attempted to forge his Tier 5 hammers by his step by step guide, not knowing at all what I do or what I need to pay attention to as it was a very first time even seeing the centraforge. You can assume by my words alone that the outcome was ■■■■. I had some odd random boons on a topaz hammer :laughing: Later on, one of his forge apprentices and Master @Nexton himself showed me the “how to” and it was extremely helpful! Listen everybody, tutorials are for people that want to learn forging and never touched it before. Tutorials are there to maybe show you the most efficient way for your used ingredients as the order matters if you’re wasting vigor or stability etc. And it gives you an insight what is used, how and how often. How to react to specific cases etc. If you got already quite some knowledge or you don’t have problems to figure out the best way for your method, then yeah Tutorials will not teach you much except for MAYBE a different list of ingredients. I can only say, back then, and sure still in some cases, a tutorial would have helped me. And sure does help other people too. You can always watch back videos. @Seretti.

My advize to people is to take it slow with forging.

A hammer with only extra durability is a better hammer already (low tier forging). A hammer with durability and speed is an even better hammer (mid tier forging). A hammer with AOE All, damage and speed is a nice T6 hammer. (high tier forging)

Most people that start forging expect instantly to be able to forge T6 end game hammers.
There are players that have been playing Boundless for many years and still don’t forge those hammers.

Learn how to forge slowly and understand every step, try to understand why the forge is doing things that you don’t understand. Use all the forging ingredients in combination with each other in the creative
world and see what happens, don’t waste ingredients testing like crazy on your own world.

1 thing I absolutely agree with @Balkinus and that is that videos can be misleading.
A video with the title “This is how to forge a T6 hammer !” is mostly misleading. When you do the exact same steps as in the video you don’t end up with a T6 hammer because they probably recorded 10x and the 1 time it worked out, they uploaded that video.

If you really want to learn how to forge then don’t give up and keep trying.

The creative world was my biggest help to understand forging in such a way I can now forge what I want. (except lucent tools as I find those a waste of materials compared to what I could have had instead on gem tools)
Don’t make the same mistake others made by thinking “I know now how to forge a T6 hammer so now I can forge everything” as that is not how it works. The fact that a T6 hammer is probably the most used and sold tool does not mean it is the most difficult tool to forge.

Use videos as guides and as guides only.


If I would need to compare difficulty of different things to forge and of course it depends on what you want on a tool and how you use it, but I consider indeed Tier 6 even one of the easier tools to forge. One doesn’t need to max out everything if one is going to use pies and brews anyways. So I agree. What I was once looking into and found difficult was, to get a decent multishot slingbow. Getting multishot alone is hard, but getting the rest boons you want… surely a different method would fit better than the usual one I used.

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The most difficult to forge is a sapphire slingbow

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It’s easier to learn German in order to follow the guide on how to learn how to forge. :rofl:

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I think at the end i Show how many time has gone and IT was recorded AS once i dont Like IT too If its from several trys.
And one ss i decided to keep AS liquid breaker because Always good to have them.

IT Just should Show that These Hammers arent AS difficult to make AS some could think.

And perhaps IT helps the one or Other .


The forge is added and @Jiivita explores it with video :

A little more forging with @Jiivita

Some early forging videos:

@Crete discovers and announces paste stacking, still the main way to force forge results that I’m aware of. Max any item, any time - expensive but effective:

@KArios does some basic forging and low level tools:

@wakeNbake sharing his methods and tips. More detailed text and videos, including lucent-specific advice:

@Lesioui compares luck/rng with two versions of the same forge:

@SWProzee1 shows forging a venerable loot chisel while discussing the forge:

An older video from @HOST who may have some more recent stuff?

Anyways, Today I’ll share something that’s not ben published to the forum I think. Aenea made a couple of videos when she was helping me learn the forge.

There are more, but for someone who wants to see a range of forging techniques and likes video - or isn’t sure how to move on from the “guide to forging everything” - this list of tutorials should help to give you some different ideas and techniques.

Also, now that we have it, creative mode is great for exploring new techniques and methods without burning up your entire stack of coins as @SWProzee1 mentions. I did a lot of learning in the test servers but creative makes that available to all players.


Thank you so much for collating this.


I like this having a collection of forging posts, I personally had not seen a couple of these. My only frustration with forging is when you put in a gum say Lightness gun and it gives you a durability or even a glow boon. If the boons would at least stay within the possibilities of the said gum it would be a bit more understanding. One understands that certain gums have multiple outcomes but when you get one that is not in the right category of the gum it does cause excessive waste of materials. It could be tweaked a little. But I have come to expect that sometimes forging is just not going my way. I go do something else then try a little later and it seems to do the trick.

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Or when you have 90% full boon bar and it still lands frequently on the 10% miss…


Or when you need 3% only to max out a boon and a completely full boon bar goes into that 3%. Lots of boon points wasted… oh well.