Post Your Screenshots!

yes … but like I told I just experienced the jump from that state to the state a month ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, when it start to grow, it was going fast, i still have not been at all builds…

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do you have pictures of the church? … It was fascinating back that time and also a bit inovative cuz it was the first building (at least that I saw) which used the metal power cords as railings ^^

Got this, i was amazed to :slight_smile:


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First ever plinth on therka Market.
Do not remember if i ever got one, but find a lot in the mountain behind.


Omg - I faintly remember my first trip there - on foot from my settlement, through bog and swamp and lakes.

There was a net of streets there still not finished and a few first shops. I don’t count your base at the mountain and a few other builds around, just what was there in terms of people opening shops after you created Therka Market post.


Hopefully nobody starts prodding me with pitchforks for this, but seeing as James has only posted these in the discord and not here, I figured I’d share them with everyone. Here are some teasers for the new worlds that he posted:

Pink mud! :smiley:


In the spirit of reminiscing. . . the oft neglected menu from my creole grill. I liked the catchy drink names. Laughing @ Andoweem Dream w/ Gleem Cream :smile:


Good bye Lucky Starport by @Karokendo
One of my major sources of inspiration when i first started and a piece of boundless history.


Goodbye my little piece of Munteen Paradise! I’ll try to build a better house in the new universe :boundless: XD


Here some last project in old universe :frowning:


unfinish because I have work a lot so busy all days and don’t have time suck… -_-

Final good bye, Reach my trusty home for almost a year.
(Before the new universe finally takes over.)

This time i will start with WIP shots: :smile:

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”


This amount of big planets packed together is giving me anxiety. Reminds me of my dream when Saturn is so close that it covers the whole sky and it pulls me towards it due to its mass!


I love the pink trees … totally my color!!! :smiley:

]i[ Pheminorum Gateway Primus has been established by the illuminoorti as the first Capital on Pheminorum. For the history books…

Not a pretty settlement but the white gleam is glorious. Let’s see the other first Capital establishments across the Universe! This way we have an accounting of history being made.

Thank you Merlyn, Freya, Repa11, Jackeloko, Mittekemius, and Xaldafax as the founders!


whose the boss now?


o.O … ääääh, what? ^^

Edit: Ah, now I got it … thought you ported to the sanctum of another player before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hahaha, nah its that npc man xD

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