Release 248: Halloween 2020! 🎃

When Mother’s Day falls on Monday.


@cagian QI you say? I believe it, learned more from that show than I did in school :joy:

@boundmore :joy: Rosted!


I Tell myself one day just one day I can be like James-chan @james

when I 1st met James-chan he was Saving a Build as I watched that no one touched it then he got rid of my death penalty for that day instantly

What I’m mostly looking forward to with the 2nd Chance Brews I’ll be able to get rid of death penalty for players good deeds


@james -chan are you gonna activate the Halloween event ?

My hearth skipped a bit :)) Was like… new release? whaaaa…
But yea, would be nice to have some events, maybe @monty1 can give us a helping hand with this… question mark :slight_smile:

This event should be auto triggered later in the month.


I thought the auto trigger was in patch 249 which hasn’t released so doesn’t it have to be manually triggered Soju-chan

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Yea maybe someone can activate it now giving us plenty of time to enjoy it

my understanding is that all of the seasonal events are auto, based on a date (usually close to the holiday) but the others like gleambow and anniversary events have to be manually triggered but I could be wrong.

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looks like last year the in game event message was visible on or about the 19th of October with the event starting around the 21st of October, so hopefully it will be the same this year.


Yea we normally get that 1 week countdown in exchange woulda thought that would pop already

Last year, neither of the gleambow events popped.

Gleambow is not one of the seasonal events though.

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The year before that we didn’t get any seasonal events

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We had a Halloween in 2020… think that’s when the weather quirks were introduced. Actually just noticed this post is originally Halloween 2020… and 2021 I linked above so we have not missed any Halloween events that I am aware of

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2018 I think 2019 was the first year for lovestruck

2019 Lovestruck Event starts today at 1200 UTC!

2020 Lovestruck Returns to Boundless on the 13th February!

2021 No dev post i could find, but the event did run Love Is In The Air!

2022 No dev post I could find, but the event did run Post Your Screenshots! 2nd!


2018 No dev post i could find but the event did run Halloween event

2019 Halloween Is Coming Back to Boundless!

2020 Release 248: Halloween 2020! 🎃

2021 No dev post I could find but the event did run [COMPLETE] Brief Downtime at 0930 UTC

2022 not here yet


2018 Announcing our Winter Event - Merry Oortmas, coming December 18th!

2019 Release 237: Oortmas!

2020 It's beginning to look a lot like Oortmas... 2020 event starts next week!

2021 No dev post i could find, but the event did run Oortmas event planets/locations

2022 not here yet

I think gleambow and the birthday (anniv) are the only ones we have missed… as I think they must be manually done.

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:rofl: that first Christmas event made me so mad.

I was still a noob and it was torture being chased around raxxa by meteors and embarrassed to death for two weeks.


Why do you want an event? - Don’t you think that there are much more important things?

The event is done, it’s an on/off switch. It’s probably on a timer.

It’s definitely not taking away from the, uh, development of the game.


Lol ……………

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