Bob's Regen Farms. Come give us a visit! Located through TNT farm hub and T5+ network

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Bob’s Farms Accessible through TNT Megahub currently has the T1 farms (TNT Farm Hub) and our T5-T6 farms (TNT Higher Tier Network). The farms are fully protected with brick and glass. No water or holes to worry about. Sign for portals will read “Bob’s Farms” at hubs. Portals are available for 1x2, if you would like a different size please let us know.

On Galan Universe’s Largest Growth Farm (Shimmering Orbs) and Wood (Bark/Sap) farms.
On Norkyan we provide Foliage (Inky/Starberry) and Corruption/Tangle (Shadow Orb) farms.
On Alcyon Gravel (Saltpetre) and Wood (Bark/Sap) farms.
On Shedu Tier Mud (Waxy/Exotic Yams).
On Calahuli Sponge Farm (Pulsating Orbs)
On Sorissi we provide our Tier 1 Network with Clay,Ash,Peat,Sand,Mud and Sap (Trior) located through TNT Sorissi Planet Portal.

Galan :

Growth (Shimmering Orb) Farm:

Now with 3 growth farms in total available at one fully protected location. Yes I did say 3 farms. Dare we say largest growth farm in the UNIVERSE!!!

Farm #1

Farm #2

Farm #3


Shadow Orb/Corruption Farm:

Inky/Starberry Farm:




Shedu Tier:

Exotic/Waxy Yam:

Calahuli Sponsered by Soju

Sponge (Pulsating Orbs)

Tier 1 Farms: Sorissi

Located through TNT Farm Hub







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*Reserved for future updates (Incase) :sunglasses:

I get my corruption blocks from the farm. Im looking for a dark glass farm if you know any

DSK Galaxy network on galan has a nice dark glass farm I believe. You can get there through our growth farm on galan.

Portal Seekers Galan hub also has a dark glass public farm right next to the main portal area.

Bob’s Farms are excellent and greatly appreciated.


They will remain as long as the game allows :yum:


Your farm(s) are amazing. Really enjoy the simplicity and finally get to see the outside world instead of being in a box. Lol.

Much love,

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We try to make them as open and easy to farm as we can. Thank you for using them :grin:


@Ratchel Gave your sap farm on Galan some love today. Thanks for the set up, bud! :+1:t2:

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Glad you like it. If you think that one is good, check out the one at alycon farm.

Oh, I was there first. I prefer the wood colour on Alcyon, but then I switched to the Galan one. It suited my style for that particular farming session better!

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Love your farms and appreciate you setting them up

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Farms restocked! Now with Persisting Pies 200c each!!!

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Newest addition Tier 1 Mud farm located on Sorissi!

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Happy to announce 3 new additions to our farming line up! First we now have a mud farm on Sorissi! TIER 1 farms are accessible though Kindred Bay Hub and TNT Network. The bigger addition is our brand new Sponge/Pulsating Orb farm located on Beservona which is currently reachable via Kindred Bay and Phoenix Rising. If any networks would like to connect to our farms as always you are more then welcome, tokens are available. Will be adding more tokens to Beservona farm tonight (just finished construction😉).

As always,
Keep smiling & Have fun everyone!

Also thank you Skelly for you helpfulness in locating an amazing Sponge farm!


Network changes. T1 and T5-6 farms reachable at/through Kindred Bay Hub. TNT Mega hub has access to T1 farms.

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These are some of the best farms in the game.:sunglasses: I used one of the T1 farms today actually.

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Love your farms, my go to for mud and clay when making bricks. Didn’t know about the higher tier ones, but now I’ve seen this thread I will be paying them a visit. :blush:

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Are these still up and running? I can’t find which portal to go through at the TNT hub

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