Outdated - Boundless Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Boundless Code of Conduct. Here we’ll outline some general rules for the community social channels and in game behaviour.

Our goal is to make the Boundless community helpful, constructive and welcoming for all players. The official Boundless Forums, Steam, Discord and game, collectively referred to as simply “Boundless”, are places for the community to discuss anything and everything about the game. They are also the place where developers will gather community feedback to assist in decisions that will affect the game going forward.

To achieve our goal of a welcoming environment, the community team at Wonderstruck will be on hand to keep discussions on topic and constructive, as well as help to settle any potential in game disputes.

The following rules are expected to be upheld by all members of the Boundless community. Failure to follow these rules may result in your posts being moved, locked or deleted, and your playing privileges limited or removed.


Inappropriate Content
Boundless is intended for players of age 7 and up, to that end any User Generated Content, forum posts or Discord conversations of an inappropriate nature will be removed without warning and can result in disciplinary action being taken. This includes but is not limited to content that is: abusive, seditious, sexist, pornographic, homophobic, defamatory, libellous, discriminatory, obscene or racist.

User Generated Content includes but is not limited to:

  • In game buildings and structures
  • In game chat, shouts, and private messages
  • Sign text
  • User names
  • Character names
  • Beacon names
  • Settlement names
  • Forum, Discord and Steam posts and comments
  • Any other interactions within Boundless

Griefing and Abuse
The golden rule in Boundless is: Be considerate. As Boundless is a community driven game, there will be occasions where something another player does, appears to be griefing to others. We will be looking at this on a case by case basis, but there are some fairly obvious guidelines to play by.

Some Examples of Griefing:
Building walls around another player’s Beacon
Plotting around another players base, with intent to stop them expanding
Digging out the ground underneath another players Beacon
Placing blocks above another players Beacon

A lot of issues with other players can be resolved by a simple friendly conversation. If this is unsuccessful, DO NOT attempt to take matters into your own hands, this could result in disciplinary action against both parties - “They griefed me first” is not a valid excuse.

If you feel a player is griefing you, you can mute or block them in game to stop any interactions. You can then use the in game report actions to report a player and we will begin an investigation.

Reporting In Game Abuse
If you are subject to or witness hostile, abusive or inappropriate behaviour in game, please report the matter using the in game report actions. “Naming and shaming” users publically on any of the Boundless community channels is not permitted and may be considered as harassment.

Disciplinary Procedures
Any users in breach of these rules or at our discretion, may find themselves subject to disciplinary action. Depending on the severity of the issue, a user may be warned, suspended or banned permanently from Boundless. We reserve the right to delete any in game content without notice.

All reports are handled manually by the internal Boundless Community Team on a day to day basis; this does not mean reports will be handled immediately, there may be times where they take a few days to process, so please be patient.

You are always welcome to appeal a decision and can do so by emailing support@playboundless.com

Constructive Behaviour
We freely acknowledge there may be times within your playing experience where you feel the game has differed from your expectations. As such it is not only acceptable, but encouraged for you to feedback on areas of Boundless where you feel the game does not meet your anticipated standards. In order for your concerns to be acted on most effectively, we require that your comments remain constructive at all times.

No Flaming
This includes any kind of personal attack, flame, targeted harassment or intimidation. “But they flamed me first!” is not an acceptable reason to insult another player. A flame war is a flame war, and it does not matter who started it. If you have concerns about the treatment you are receiving at the hand of another player, please use the report action.

Many arguments cannot be won, and simply end up going round in circles taking discussions even further away from the original topic. When disagreements resort to “Since you seem to be slow, let me repeat my points for the tenth time…” it’s a sign that the conversation is going nowhere and the thread will be locked - agree to disagree.

Stay On Topic
If you’re posting in the “General” category, don’t start talking about your favourite food. We’ve set up different categories so that all the posts in one area are relevant to specific aspects of the game. If you want to talk about burritos or suchlike, use the Off-Topic category.

No Spamming
Spamming includes posting the same post multiple times, repeatedly posting on the same topic in different threads or posting the same post in multiple forums. Multiple posts will be locked, deleted or merged, and persistent offenders may lose their ability to join in the conversation.

No Thread Bumping
Posting message with irrelevant content for the sole purpose of keeping certain posts near the top is called “bumping”. This causes other posts to scroll off the page faster than they should and raises forum traffic unnecessarily.

If you think of something you’d like to add to a post after making it, we recommend editing your original post instead of making an additional one. Bumping threads may cause them to be locked and can result in persistent offenders losing their ability to post.

Flagging Or Reporting Forum Posts
Should you spot a post you feel requires the attention of a member of the community team, you should report it by using the “Flag” option. Please be aware that while this forum is moderated regularly it may not always be possible to address posts that require moderation immediately, however all “problem” posts will be dealt with.

Abuse of the post flagging system will be subject to the same discipline as abuse of any other system in place on this site.

Be Internet Savvy!
Under no circumstances will an employee of Wonderstruck ever ask for your password. Anyone claiming to represent the company who asks for your Steam, forum or any other password is up to no good and should be reported immediately.

We recommend you do not reveal personal details (full name, mobile, email address, home address, home phone etc) to players you may come in contact with, however this is at your discretion. If you are in any doubt, contact a member of the community team.

The Community Team
Throughout this code of conduct are references to the Community Team. This team are made up of Wonderstruck employees whose responsibility is to ensure discussions are constructive, the game is enjoyable and the community is properly represented within the studio. It is their job to ensure your feedback reaches the right people and that your questions are properly responded to.

To assist the Community Team in keeping conversations on track, Boundless has a number of volunteer Community Leaders and Moderators who are available on Discord and the Official Forum. The Moderators are there to help, so please feel free to reach out to them on the appropriate channels.

Your Community Team are:


In the event you need to contact a member of the community team directly, you can send a private message through Steam, the Official Forum or the Boundless Discord server.

We know there will be times where tempers rise in discussions, particularly when negative feedback is involved, but this is not the kind of community we want Boundless to have and it shouldn’t be the kind of community you want to be a part of. Negative feedback is important for the development process and we’d like everyone to respect others opinions, so we can understand why an individual is feeling the way they do.

The code of conduct as described above should need nothing more than a second thought if you simply stick to the basic principle of treating others as you would wish to be treated.

Wonderstruck reserves the right to edit the Code of Conduct without notice.

Comment: Above is the universal Boundless Code of Conduct and it applies to all parts of Boundless: in game, forums, Discord, and more.

If there are ever discussions or questions about what is acceptable within the game then please link people to this post. This represents the definitive answer.

If the Code of Conduct can be improved then please propose amendments in this thread. They will then be discussed and the code with be updated.


Reading, what a hype :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ok, so basically report and wait. I like the examples of griefing, it covers most of the cases I’ve heard of.


How about things, “he/she plotted beside our land, dump a lot of high prestige blocks there, and now is mayor and can rename OUR city”, just an example, does it fall under griefing category or not? Or is it all case by case?


if I plot around a player’s base then I sell the plots to them, is this allowed?
Are swastikas and other ((controversial)) buildings considered ‘griefing’?


gay pride is illegal in Russia so we should remove them too?


Good question. Really, really good one. No sarcasm intended.


Are you serious?


But he’s right. If boundless should not allow some symbols etc, just because they are banned in some countries that game is sold, then all of those should be banned. You can’t be selective, because it shows an awful bias. Either ban them all, or allow them all.


Clearly it is,

and the swastika question was answered by another dev in a thread and the answer was swatikas are most definitely unacceptable.


The Russian federal law “for the Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values”,


Things like this can turn really silly sometimes, you have to use your basic moral compass sometimes, being homophobic is wrong , it doesnt matter what country your from! just because its legal to be a ■■■■ in Russia doesnt mean that this or any other game has to penalise the gay community, swastikas represent a terrible time to most and therfore are allowed in game end off.


I know the Russian law about that, but I think svastica is very easy to rapresent in game, it’s a precise symbol simply not allowed.


This needs to be more clear I think. Example: last night I wanted peaty soil to compact. I took a load of reserved land near my base. There is nothing built on it, it’s just empty plots high in the sky to stop merges. So the land is not used but it’s “below a beacon”.

Did I break the code of conduct harvesting that soil?


the gay pride flag too.
they are equal ((controversial)) symbols

‘hey I was risen in a christian family I don’t want my kid exposed to that gay buildings in this game’

What about religions?
If I make a church with an inverted cross I get banned for griefing too?


I’m going to pre-warn everyone here to be very careful when discussing the above comments.

In any normal post, I’d lock this kind of conversation down quickly as it never leads anywhere good.

Ultimately, all of the rules discussed above are down to our discretion. We’ve been researching how other games deal with similar scenarios and have implemented them here providing we agree with the principles. In this industry it’s widely accepted that Swastikas are not ever to be permitted (I don’t feel I should have to say anymore on that), and the other examples provided here are without doubt very different from Swastikas.

As mentioned before, this is down to our discretion. If someone reports a building they feel is offensive we will always look into it and make an educated decision as to what action to take.


You asked this somewhere else didn’t you? I would expect they would determine case by case following a report where there is not a clear rule. I don’t expect a game to go round every country’s laws checking what is considered illegal speech or not unless it’s already well known to all (swastikas) and then pre-empt them, but if you find a rainbow flag which may or may not mean something to do with pride I’d suggest you report it in-game.

This kind of whataboutism doesn’t seem very productive.


This is silly. Are we going to collate laws around banned hate symbols from around the world, tally the number of countries who ban them vs. not and then work out the majority to see what should be bannable and not? It’s a video game with a report system, that’s what it’s there for. Setting [infinite] rules based on exceptions and probably deliberately inflammatory edge cases about issues much of the modern world have moved on from seems like a childish way to make a point.

If someone finds rainbows offensive they can report them and see what happens.


They absolutely are not equal. One is associated world-wide by most people with the murder of millions of people, the other is associated with one country putting religious moral codes into state law.


Dude you should really stop this line of questioning, your arguing to have symbols of hatered in game and they are just not acceptable. While I think symbols should definitely be handled on a case by case basis there are some very clear exceptions that should go without saying, namely the ones you seem to want.